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Black Market Coffee Shop Paris (CLOSED)

If having a good cup of coffee in Paris is essential to you, then you need to visit Black Market Coffee shop in the Montmatre area.

Recently opened (just over 3 weeks ago), the coffee shop also acts as a meeting place for locals in the neighborhood to congregate, chit-chat, work on their laptops and prendre le go?ter (afternoon snack).

Welcome Black Market Coffee Paris

Window signs ” Coffee Shop”

Black Market Coffee is prepared artisan style and comes from many corners of the earth; Rwanda, Guatemala, depending on the seasons, the batch changes. You make your choice from the menu, the grains are weighed, you talk about the origin of the beans, the strength etc. They also take pride in the use full cream milk. You get an authentic experience from people themselves are avid coffee lovers.

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I must admit that when a friend suggested I visit Blk Market Coffee, because as she puts it, ?well it’s new and just down the street from your apartment!? I was a bit hesitant – because even though I’m a new coffee connoisseur, I like to do it while I people watch – meaning I like to drink coffee from a terrace, not inside a cafe or coffee shop.

So when I walked in and was nicely greeted with a “bonjour” by two handsome looking lads, I replied politely and placed my computer on the nearest wooden table then proceeded to spend the next five minutes reading the menu ( a task that would have taken a 2nd grader 50seconds, tops) I didn?t care – I was having a lazy afternoon and needed some coffee jolt to bring me back to life and back in my work flow. At last, I didn?t even order coffee, I took a chai tea latte instead for 4.30Eu.

The Cheesecake and Chai Tea Latte

This, ladies and gentleman turned out to be the BEST freaking chai tea I?ve ever tasted in Paris.
I was won over! Terrace or no terrace. I proceeded to chat to the two guys – owner Yosef and Baptiste – our conversation was a melodic mix of my bad French accents and their bad American accents – c’etait drole – funny and interesting, as we discussed the idea behind the coffee shop, our origins, favorite places to eat in Paris and our mutual love of Bob Dylan.

Where the magic happens…

I recall, it was around 2:15 pm on a Wednesday, and an old lady with a tiny dog in front of me had ordered a cappuccino. ? you?ve given me good reason not to buy a cappuccino machine? she remarked.

The cozy decor of wooden chairs and table are reminiscent of my childhood school canteen, but mixed with plenty of green plants, old cash machines, a music corner with a turntable and a book corner with even books in English. I felt nostalgic like I could write some great novels from this very corner.

Earthy decor touches inside Blk Market Coffee Paris

wooden tables and seats inside the coffee shop

The book corner

Next time: I?m really looking forward to trying the Key-lime Pie (that they hope to bring back to the Menu) and the Jamaican Hibiscus Tea.

Oh, and for all the non-milk drinking folks ? they will also be introducing soy into their menus very soon.

All in all, Black Market Coffee shop is a new neighborhood coffee shop with an old soul, that offers great chai tea lattes and coffee in a cozy setting with really nice folks.

Go for the coffee and chai tea latte, stay for the Cheesecake, free Wi-fi and cozy ambiance.

Black Market Coffee Shop

27 Rue Ramey, 75018


METRO: Chateau Rouge (line 4)


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