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Au Grain de Folie: Vegetarian Food in Paris

Let’s face it – France is a country that’s proud of it’s wine, cheeses and it’s meat.
So if you’re a vegetarian or vegan visiting Paris, things can get a bit rough after only having a choice of salads from regular Cafes or Bistros.

Au Grain de Folie is a little hole in the wall that has a “Mama just made this” feel, where you have a selection of seasonal vegetables and grains for dinner. All fresh, organic and I must add delicious (do not let the somewhat amateur looking colorful paint job deter you!).

photos of au grain de folie Paris

Entrance to Au Grain de Folie Paris

Vegetarian Meal at Au Grain De Folie Montmartre

Poem outside Au Grain De Folie Montmartre

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We sat outside (it was end of September) and there were only about two tables available to eat inside anyways. Inside were some young guys speaking english and outside beside us where an older couple.

Some cons: The menu selection is quite small – it’s a tiny place. And the service can be a bit slow, but they were courteous.

Au Grain de Folie ( Vegetarian Resto Paris)
24 Rue la Vieuville 75018 Paris, France
+33 1 42 58 15 57

Abbesses (line 12)

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Next door you’ll find a great Pizza and Italian resto Pomodoro.

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