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The Broken Arm Paris – Concept and Coffee Shop

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One part Concept store and one part coffee shop The Broken Arm (12 Rue Perr?e, 75003) sits at the corner of a quaint little street across from a park in the Marais / Republic area of Paris.

I stopped in yesterday for a Cafe Allongee break in the afternoon and installed myself in the sunlight absorbing and enjoying Paris from of their tiny terrace tables.

Discovered a few months ago when they opened, after riding to Cafe Pinson one day. I decided to come back for a closer look at this mysterious spot for a closer investigation. Come on two of my loves combined: coffee and fashion! Defenders of the universe!

The opportunity came this Tuesday after dropping my son at his first day of School (CP)! in the afternoon and I took the day off from work. More PHOTOS and story after the jump…

The Broken Arm is situated on 2 floors. Upon entering you’ll see the cafe is small and charming; separated from the 2 story clothing store by a glass door.

For all you cheesecake lovers out there, the first thing that will attract you is their lovely purple looking creaminess aka the blueberry cheesecake!

After lingering over the cheesecake (made by Rachel Moeller) and cookies – I opted out of sweets and just had a cup of coffee for 2.90 Euros. It was good. I was later told it was from coffee roasters in Norways (Solberg & Hansen). They also serve lunches sandwiches, salads etc.

Later walking over to check out the simply designed interior space of the store next door you’ll be delighted to find a stock list of well known designers from all over the world including Kenzo, and Marni.

As was explained to me after I started to chat up the guy behind the cash register (who turned out to be one of the 3 owners): the concept is to highlight things they love: fashion, coffee and design.

They also have many accessories and fashion magazines and books.

There seems to be a coffee shop or concept store every other block now in Paris – but don’t believe the hype – The Broken Arm manages to mesh these two seamlessly in the right doses to create a cosy and inspirational atmosphere that begs you to come back for more.

Go for the coffee (and the friendly service), window shop the clothes (pricey but a varied and interesting selection), try the blueberry cheesecake and soak up some sun on their quiet terrace. Have you been there?

Near: Cafe Charlot, Cafe Pinson, Nanashi and OFR Libraire.

12 Rue Perr?e 75003 Paris, France
+33 1 44 61 53 60

Open Hours:
9am to 6pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Metro: Temple, republic, Arts et Metier.

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