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Artisan Cocktail Bar Paris: Shaken, Stirred in South Pigalle

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Little did I know that when I called my friend up saying, it’s been ages “let’s catch up for a drink…tonight!” that we’d end up at the perfect little bar. ?Well, Artisan?is actually a not-so-little cocktail bar in south Pigalle (aka SoPi as it’s affectionately called by people who “wanna be” in the know).

Feeling lazy, and not too adventurous I didn’t want to stray too far from home and it was settled that a bar in Pigalle would have to do. Waking down Boulevard de Rochechouart, I took a sharp left on Rue?Bochart de Saron after getting out the metro at Anvers (line 2).?I was attracted by the out-of-the-way-ness of the place – not a popular street.

Upon entering I saddled up at the half-moon shaped bar – with 6 other women, not a dude in sight! Even the bartender was female. ?Then of course, a female server explained the menu and left me to choose my poison.

While waiting for my friend I noticed the wide range of cocktails (none of which I can recall exactly) – and the twists of lime, mint and peels of orange skin were making my tongue salivate. Not wanting to start the night off too strong ( I know, I know!) I got a glass of white wine and not a rum induced cocktail.

For the first 15 minutes I sat by the bar alone with my wine – which I very much enjoyed ( a far cry from the sink water wine I had at La Maison Mere later that night!). Anyways, does anyone remember that scene from Sex and the city where Carrie had to share the Bar with an ancient single woman who was lacing her ice-cream? I kinda felt like that. ?But lucky for me, I was in the prime location to see the two chefs in the kitchen having fun and passionately discussing some kind of bead thing they had just made – I couldn’t make out over the slow groovy music playing in the background. But it all seemed interesting…

Two guys eventually showed up – I guess to dilute the estrogen in the place. ?There testosterone was probably getting on the bartender’s nerve as she explained – to the one who was an obvious smartass, that she’s replacing sparkling water with champagne in one of their cocktails – that’s how they do it here, and that’s hardly a reason to complain – ‘quand meme!’

My friend also eventually showed up and we went on to have the worst burgers of our lives at La Maison Mere ( coincidentally run by the same folks from Artisan).

A few reasons to give Artisan a try:

Artisan Bar

Address: 14 rue Bochart de Saron

75009 ( 9th arrondissement)
Paris France

Telephone :01 48 74 65 38
Open :?7pm to 2am?(kitchen closes at?midnight)

Metro : Anvers – Pigalle (line 2)

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