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Lockwood Paris: A Coffeeshop / Ap?ritif Bar

Lockwood Paris Cafe Cocktails

Chuck Berry blazing in the background over the sound of the La Marzocco coffee machine grinding, I can hear the English speaking folks to my right discuss?birth of social media in and the neighbors two tables down to my left talk about something in French. ?I stop myself from habitually looking at my phone and the temptation to Instagram everything inside – as I enjoy my Flat White.

“Savoir the moment, taste the coffee, enjoy the music, be present” I tell myself. Well, as you can see from the Instgram photos here that sort of worked: I did enjoy my coffee, but I couldn’t help trying to capture some of the quirkiness and cosines of the space on Instagram.

Hmm, is social media and constant connectivity ruining ?or increasing our appreciation for everyday pleasures in life?

Lockwood?is on a side street in the popular Montoeguiel/ Sentier neighborhood. That’s a hub for web creative types and fashion forward people( the old textile neighborhood). They call is Silicon Sentier – because of the massive amounts of internet startup here. I myself worked here for 2 years in web marketing.

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Having only been in the morning or day time, I can only share my experience of the coffee – very tasty made from Belleville roasters. ?They have a wide selection of cookies, cakes and sweet stuff. I was particularly disturbed by the bacon brownies – because I’m trying to eat “healthier” and this combines two of my weaknesses! Damn, damn, damn… I’m so guilty.

I’m now addicted to Lockwood, good coffee, chocolate, bacon, and groovy music, friendly service in a cosy ambiance – ?this place has a soft spot in my heart.

The coffeeshop menu transforms into a cocktail bar in the evenings after 7pm, with small plates of finger food prepared by the American chef.

The friendly barista also told me that this is the brainchild of one of the cofounder a of Ten-belles and his brothers.


Lockwood Paris,?espresso/aperitivo?

Address:?73 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris, France

Hours: Open everyday, non stop, ?from?8am to 2am

Lockwood Facebook page

NB – No Wifi. ?So great place to go and de-connect in an area that’s highly connected.

Price list in euros:
Expresso 2.50?
Filter 3?
Cappuccino + Tea 4?
Orange juice 5?

METRO: Sentier (line 3)


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