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Buly 1803 – Old Paris Perfumes & Luxury

We took a tour of the new (old style) Parisian perfume makers Buly 1803, and have a little history and lots of photos to share with you.

The number, 1803, refers to the year the house was first founded. ?As to the name Buly, that once was Bully it is said that –

“Well-known for his skills as a distiller, perfumer and cosmetician, in 1837 Jean-Vincent Bully was Honor? de Balzac?s inspiration for C?sar Birotteau, the eponymous protagonist of one of his novels from the sc?nes de la vie Parisienne cycle in La Com?die humaine. Throughout the Golden Century of beauty, which witnessed the invention of the first formulations of modern cosmetics and perfumery, the officine gradually established itself as a trend-setter. Today, L?Officine universelle Buly is reborn in Paris, on rue Bonaparte in the sixth arrondissement, with a different spelling.”

We’re happy to see this return to the roots, brought to us by Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac. As they say everything that was old is new again, Buly 1803 sprouts up in a time, where many of us are tired of mass-produced and mass marketed beauty products – that try to create a one fragrance fits all type approach.

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Here you’ll be fascinated to talk to shop people who actually knows whats inside each mix of perfume, where the ingredients came from and are more interested in sharing their knowledge then letting you feel your way around the store touching and smelling things.

Many of the clean yet slightly rustic packaging reminds me of the perfumes my mom would use back in the days when I was a little kid.

This is the perfect place to stop by in Paris if you love discovering new beauty products and couldn’t give two hoots about “who’s wearing what” type articles in magazines like Allure or Cosmopolitan.

Here you’ll find something very few people will even know about much less own. ?Unless you want to keep smelling like your that woman who rides the elevator with you in the mornings to the 5 floor.

The beauty house is focused on quality meaning you’ll be able to find the cutest little things like scented matches, soaps, candles and luxury hair brushes ( ie Boxwood Japanese comb). ?Treat yourself!

Buly 1803 Paris

Address: 6 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris


Telephone: +3314354-2562

Metro: Saint German des Pres (line 4)

Map it:



Photo credits:?Alexandre Guirkinger







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