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5 Best Covered Passages in Paris

Today is a holiday here in Paris:?The 8th of May marks the anniversary of the end of Second World War in Western Europe.

Most offices are closed and this is a prime time to wander around the city as the streets are quieter and more scenic.

If you get the chance to be in Paris, and it turns out to rain, much like it’s been doing all day today, well as my momma always says “every disappointment is an appointment”… she’s the queen of quotes?that makes you go “uh?”…but as I digress, what I mean is, if it rains then that’s a great opportunity to hop in and out of some of the most beautiful covered passages in Paris.

The list I’ve created below is meant to be a fun guide to the city – all the locations are in walking distance of each other too. Let me know what you think – am I missing some of your favorite passages?

1. Passage du Grand Cerf {145 rue Saint-Denis}?75002 Paris
Cutest little soap shots, vintage eye glass makers, artisan jeweler etc…
2. Galerie Vivienne {6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France}?75002 Paris
The tiles here are some of my favorites – just an all around pretty decor, and you can stop for tea or lunch as Bistro Vivienne with a terrace seat. – located close to the gardens of Palais Royal
3. Passage Brady {43 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin}?75010 Paris
Some of the most decent indian restaurant are here (not the best, you’ll have to go the Gare du Nord / La Chapelle area for that).
4. Passage Jouffroy {10 boulevard Montmartre}?75009 Paris
Very crowded but still pretty to wander around.
5. Galerie Vero Dodat {6 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau}??75001 Paris
Small but charming and ladies it’s where you can find the Christian Louboutin shop in Paris!

I’ve also created a map of the passages for you to navigate around on Google Maps.

My photos below were taken on a recent stroll through one of my favorites passages, often times referred?to as “Galeries” in French, the Galerie Vivienne. ?I hope you’ll enjoy them. ?The Galerie is right next to the Place de la Victore and 2 minutes from ?the gardens of Palais Royal.

Bisous xx


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