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5 Ways to find an apartment in Paris

Paris apartment listings

Paris apartment listings

Housing in Paris is notoriously?hard to find and all the administrative?process will just about give you high blood pressure. But I get so many questions on how to do, how I’ve done it and how everyone I know have done it. There is no one strategies that always works so I’ll just list a few online places, tips, and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Get your IDs, pay stubs, tax docs, guarantors and applications ready!

The shadiest of them all. I tell people to stay away from this one because there is literally a 50% chance you will be scammed. I’ve been and yet I’ve?also found an apartment in a great neighborhood on here. So you never know, but take your chances with caution. Don’t send money online or via western union, and if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Best apartments directly from owners. ?They started with a traditional weekly publication but is now online and the apartments go super fast!

Best aggregate of listings all over France. In French and everyone uses this – there is also a iPhone App.

Real Estate Agencies

You can go in person, some even speak english, but you’ll find them usually through the ?above websites.

Facebook Groups

Use what you’ve got; like your nationality. There are many German/French or Italy/ France Facebook groups that regularly list items for sale, meet ups and roommate shares etc.

Ask people

Go out, tell everybody from the Butcher around the corner to the Barista at your favorite cafe.

***PS – Overheard at a coffee shop ?- my neighbor calling about an apartment listing she found on Le Bon Coin?- checked it out not too bad. Seem a lot like seloger.

***How to Live in Paris has a pretty detailed description of the entire process here?

***Women please don’t go see apartments by yourself if found on craigslist.

***If you have tips or an apartment for rent please leave them in the comments.


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