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Canicule: Pools & What to do when it’s hot in Paris

updated: july 2019

Yes, thats the word! Canicule – you’ve seen it every where today. It just mean that the weather is so hot today you’ll feel like you’re in the desert! But we can make the best of it with some open air swimming pools right?

#Canicule2019 is in full swing ladies and gents – I literally felt the heat from the pavement burning my feet just now – Oh I wish I want to jump in an ocean right now!

You may not be liking the heat much either. So what to do?


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Even though you’re in no way close to an island sea or ocean in some exotic location – but you’re in Paris and a lot of people could kill for that! – you can still escape the heat (for a bit!)

So here how to have your cake and eat it too (with lots of water) – LET’S GO TO THE OUTDOOR PUBLIC POOLS.

They are rather hygienic and I’ve tested a few. Here are six pools that will make you feel a bit cooler – really – all while cooling off.

Most pools are 3 to 5 Euros to enter.

8 Outdoor Paris Pools to Cool off

1. Pool 12th Arrondissement – Roger le Gall

2. Pool 13th Arrondissement – La Butte aux Cailles

3. Pool 15th Arrondissement – Keller

4. Pool 16th Arrondissement – Auteuil

5. Pool 19th Arrondissement- Georges Hermant?

6. Pool 20th Arrondissement – Georges Vallerey

7. Pool 13th Arrondissement- Josephine Baker

8. Pool 16th Arrondissement – Molitor Piscine

  • Metro Michel Ange Molitor
  • Free for hotel guests

And of course this movie just came across my mind if you’re a francophile who loves french film you’ve probably seen this one already, La Piscine (Jacques Deray) / 1969, starring Romy Schneider, Alain Delon and Jane Bikin.
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