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Lunch in Paris: Poulet Roti at Chez Jeanette

Now if you’re in Paris you know how seriously we take our ritual of going to the market for fruits and vegetables then, grabbing a Poulet Roti (roasted chicken) at the local boucherie on the weekends. You can find it on almost any Brasserie styled restaurant around town complete with mashed potatoes, fries or saluted vegetables. This is a classic french meal that somehow always gets forgotten in between the confit canard ?(roast duck) and French onion soup.

Recently we had it at one of our favorite sports Chez Jeanette at?47 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis?75010 Paris?and my oh my was it delicious. It was the menu of the day – and I basically ordered it because everyone else had it and seemed to be enjoying it!


lunch in paris chez jeanette

They also serve many other typical french food all seasons, open from really early till late. On friday and weekends they’ll often have a dj in the evenings. The fashionable afterwork crew and out here or across the street at Maui 7. There has recently been Le Syndicat cocktail bar that’s also bringing some new life to the nightlife on the street.

Chez Jeanette is a really old joint that still manages though to keep its local Parisian charm (you never know if you’ll get a rude waiter or the nice one) and the space is usually packed with people enjoying a Cafe Richard( the paris coffee that the Cafes here serves that’s really “pas terrible”), smoking “en terrrace” or beautifully existing on the melting pot of a street.

Great palace to have lunch, grab a drink or coffee.

Address: 47 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis
75010 Paris
01 47 70 30 89

Credit ?card accepted

Open: 8am to 2am

Metro: Chateau D’eau (line 4)

?Map it:?





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