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mood my parisian life jan 2016

I wish you?a wonderful start to the New Year, remember to be present in all you do!

Someone recently mentioned on instagram how Paris has never really felt good for them, both times they were here some really bad things happened. ?And little things like people not smiling back in the metro weirded him out.

Yes, it’s true it’s not the place with the “warmest” people but I assure you most people are actually nice – things just work a bit different, culturally. Parisians are not even like the rest of France, they (most ) are not interested?in you and your random smile if they don’t know you, not because they’re mean, it’s just not how they roll.

I’ve written a lot about how it’s harder to make friends here with the french as an expat, but that once you’ve infiltrated?the “circle” you’re pretty much set for life.

Unlike places like New York or some other big city where many people are seemingly?superficially into being friends with you but never call you back or invite you out, in Paris they don’t really pretend. But once you’ve broken the shell, you’ll be breaking baguette over baked Mont D’or and giggling over a glass of Bordeaux.

What would you like us to discover about Paris or us to talk about this month? ?Leave your questions in the comments.?


You can also see an updated version of my “how to make friends in Paris article I wrote a while back.”

Lot of love, fromage, wine and good times for the new year. May this be the year where you take the grand leap to travel to Paris!?



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