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Tea in Paris: Kodama, Inviting Tea shop on Rue Tiquetonne

Kodama Tea House – 30 rue Tiquetonne, Paris – Alchimistes Infuseurs (Infusion Alchemists) is a new inviting addition to the crop of (what some would call the best) tea shops, salons and houses in Paris.

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If you’re not so much of a coffee lover, but?you can talk at lengths about the difference between white, blue and black tea from specific regions in some far far away land (I’m exaggerating?here, but you get my drift..hahaha). Well consider yourself lucky. You’ll be in heaven at this central Paris Tea (and coffee) shop run by two pals Vincent and Martin. They have have more cold infused teas than I could count, and the patience of saint to tackle all my chit chat and questions!

You’ll see why I think it?can see it easily becoming one of the best tea shops in Paris.


My impromptu stop?Kodama on a Tuesday afternoon, was welcomed by the most aromatic of smells and I was immediately transported from my busy Parisian life of “il faut que je fasse…” (I have to do this..) to a calm aromatic oasis that quickly turned into “ah bon…c’est vraiment pas mal ici!” (wait, it’s quite nice here!)

Not to mention the smiling Barman and cosy seating at the back caught my eye.


Kodama means spirit of the trees in Japanese ( I think, if my memory serves me right, remember I was being transported with the aromas?!).

And I could certainly feel a peaceful energy in the shop.? Their speciality creations are cold infused with mountain water which you can then have as a warm cup or iced tea.

With tea flavors such as “7e Ciel”- 7th heaven, Rehab (no translations necessary) and “mille et une nuits” – a thousands and one nights.

When drop by look out for every month they also have a new tea to discover with Le The du Mois.

They have a wide selection of teas I’ve never heard of much less tasted before – so I’m super excited to go back soon. ?I would do no justice to – trying to explain from my limited knowledge all they have but most seem to be of an organic blends (or?BIO?as we refer to them in France).

Pastries include the usual suspects – cookies, cakes and then the special touch are their the Financiers.

Like this pretty pistachio financier!

Prices range between 2.40 euros and 4 euros.

Totally worth the stop in, if you ask me, to even get a place to co-work in a cafe outside the home.

So many places are charging an arm and a leg these days for absolute mediocre over hyped “instagramable” experiences, I just can’t deal with it anymore guys!

During your time at Kodama you’ll see and taste that quality reigns supreme. I’m curious to hear if you had a similar experience?so feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

near by: Pierrot, Rue Montorgueiul, Cafe Marie Stuart,?Hotel Bachaumont, en Selle Marcel,?Stohrer

Kodama Paris

Address: 30 rue Tiquetonne, Paris 75002


8:30 am – 6:30 pm
11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Kodama Paris?Facebook page.?

Read more on Vincent and Martin on their Kisskissbankbank page?


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