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Life in Paris: Paris Pollution so bad, public transport free for 3 days

rue-monge-from-mpl-hotel-monge-review-yanique-photoYesterday I noticed for the 2nd day in row it was free to ride the metro in Paris. On December 6th my son and I joked that they made it “libre access” because it was his birthday, but here we are again on the 3rd consecutive day and yes the metro and all public transportation for that matter is free for Paris and the banlieu/ suburbs.

As with most metropolitan cities the culprit is the diesel and as there is not enough wind we are getting the pollution coming close to us on the ground.

Who knows how long it will be before the toxic levels decrease (the worst in 10 years!) and we’ll go back to living with a bearable amount of pollution?- because we know that with all big cities the pollution will always exist, right?

There has been call for people to leave their cars and take the bus, metro and tramways, hence the free service.

Of course another thing that would help us reduce the pollution levels in Paris is to have more cars with clean fuel. From my experience the french are later adopters to things like this.

I’ll keep you guys posted on what else I see and hear?pertaining to the pollution problems as we go into 2017.

For a detailed insight check out this article I recently shared on Facebook (that got your guys active with over a 100 likes, shares and comments!). Good to know we’re taking head on what going on in our environment.


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