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BEST OF PARIS 2016: Coffee Shops

Coffee shops in Paris have really taken off in 2016. We’ve done the dirty work for you (yes it was hard, we’re on a perpetual coffee high! ) and rounded up our very curated list of the very best cafes for you to have a good cup of jo, eat well, and all round enjoy some great coffee shop vibes. Venez aves nous les amis // come with us friends 🙂



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In one of the most populated parts of Paris outside one of the most frequented weekend metros, there’s a tiny side street. And on this tiny side street is a cozy cafe. And inside this cozy cafe are artisanal treats; carrot cake with frosting so thick you could sled down it. The Franco-Anglo team is warm, the elbow to elbow seats even warmer. The chai latte with oat milk makes this month worth weathering, to make it dirty order an espresso back and if you’re hungry they serve fat slices of avocado toast with poached egg all day, all homemade.



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So carefully prepared are the cups, they dare not spill. So conscientious is the coffee, it dare not leave you wanting. So custom are the teas, you dare not order coffee! This is the house that Cueillette built, a coffee-conscious, tea house. From imperial to oolong their selections are as nuanced as the neighborhood.



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As cool as its nomenclature Donny. Come, coffee, cycle. Conquer. Brew masters and city cyclists unite in a down to earth bike shop with a bar. Keep your hands warm and blood sugar high with a chai, soup and bagel nosh. Come hungry, leave on a restored vintage Peugeot!



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Bookstore, caf?, a Belle hideaway from the beastly city. Sit and sip filtered caf? lomi and hum your heart out while reading a stack of books. So much light, so many plants, so clean, so, welcoming, you may never return to the castle of baroque talking things.



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Filtre pour deux? Passager?s balanced brew comes from a perfectly poised two-lipped chemex. Clean, green, and Five Elephant Beans. The menu is simple and savory, the pastries on point,? and the people watching from their big corner windows is a delight. Not a co-working space, a corner to crowd cosily.



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The quaintest little hood that?s ever been seen. Vintage green laquer, Waverly wallpaper, grand piano and vinyls! It is like stepping into the a little time machine that remixes the past with the present and gives you: a gateux de pomme with a side bon iver.

Plenty of space to lounge, listen, laptop, sip, drip, and daydream.


Honorable Mentions:

Caf? Lomi, forever a favorite.

Matamata, cosy, cool, and serving Caf? Lomi.

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