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Brunch in Paris, or rather late breakfast on any given Sunday has drastically improved in the past 2 years in Paris! You can go to so many places that are not in the Marais, or tourist traps from outdated city guide books. ?Oh Happy day! We can now get more than the regular baguette toast w/ confiture, croissant, ?juice at many spots around town that dares to play with their menu on the weekend.

Here’s our pick of the best of the best, some oldies but goodies and some newbies that’s quite popular in the hipster scene. But we promise ; that’s really not why they’re on the list! They are all tried tested and true.






Ten Belles has risen, and its crust is delicious. Venturing down the canal the super (self taught!) chefs, have opened a very modern mega bakery of boules! Organic rye, sourdough, focaccia, pastries and (my personal favorite) sausage rolls. So happy is the following that the day I made it they were out of bread. It was 3. There were still scones, cake with cream spilling out between layers of fondant chocolate, hot cross buns and jam. Their sandwiches are equally as creative and satisfying as the classics.

Brewing Belleville Brulerie beans

Ten Belles Bread

Address: 17-19 Rue Breguet, 75011 Paris





Sticky sweet. Plain delicious. London fog. Queue. Pancakes. Worth it.

Word association, while waiting for a table at HB. Ruler supreme. Brunch Bender. So happy. If you haven?t had the opportunity, put it on your list 2017.

For the record, lunch is equally delicious.


Address: 19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris




Boutique hotel of dreams and teas. In the lush atrium of Hotel l?Amour enjoy your newspaper, bonne humeur tisane l?infuseur, Japanese or Mariage Freres tea and people perusing. You can survey the night before in the light of day through the vast skylight or hunker down inside and enjoy your salmon grauvelox. The fromule is phenomenal, so is everything else on the menu.

Hotel Amour

Address: 8 Rue de Navarin, 75009 Paris





Holybelly has a wolf on its curly tail. Being that the best biscuit award goes to Pas de Loup, with a second award for hiring the staff from the circus next store to balance three feet tall towers of terrine to table. The juices are fresh squeezed, the coffee is ready and endless, every dish comes with beans, the service is laid back while the food is seriously delicious.

Pas de Loup?

Address: 108 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris



Muchachitos munch main dishes of chilaquiles and tacos at Chilango, chimichango. Tacos, deep fried tortillas covered in beans, ham, egg, peanut chipotle, and plantains to set a soul in motion on Sunday. Go for the gobbles, have a very fresh ginger carrot juice along the way, finish with banana bread or granola over frommage blanc, rebound with Lomi coffee. Happy Sunday

Cafe Chilango?

Address: 82 Rue de la Folie M?ricourt, 75011 Paris


Special mention goes to the team at Le Bal Cafe and Chambre aux Oiseaux

What are some places you’d add to the list?

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