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Baretto di Edgar, Yummy Pizza in Paris Sentier Neighbourhood

Baretto di Edgar
Address: 14 Rue d’Alexandrie, 75002 Paris
Phone: 09 67 40 40 23
Open everyday except Sundays

Ambiance: Casual chic

If you?re looking to find a cosy Italian lunch at a Paris Pizzeria favorite – you need to try Barretto di Edgar. The a fancy brother?to its sister Italian restaurant next door inside the Hotel Edgar, in the bustling tech Sentier (close to rue Montorguril) trendy area of Paris, Baretto di Edgar offer’s two service per day also of non-pizza Italian meals.

A perfect place for lunch or even a dinner in a beautiful setting, with a friendly service team and great quality ingredients. Yummy thin crusted Pizza to boot – with some daily specials like the Tartufo that has a truffle cream topping! For those with a simpler taste there are many more traditional pizzas like the Margarita too. Prices average 16 euros.





Pizza prices range from 12 euros to 19 euros.

But the menu also has lots of starter options like fresh Burrata, side salads like artichoke arugula and spicy mint – between 6 and 8 euros

Italian cocktails by night like Spritz – average 9 euros

The space is also perfect for an afternoon date or evening romantic dinner. Most of the people inside were mostly good-looking neighborhood types in their 30s

Also the Seniter neighborhood is known as the Silicon Sentier due to the high number of tech start-ups there, so you’ll be sure to rub elbows with a fee geeks and business men. Back in the day it used to be a clothing and textile mecca though in Paris so you’ll see the remnants of that in the large boutique spaces now being transformed into offices.

Close to : Boneshaker, Lockwood, Numa, Hoppy Bar?


Sentier Line 3

Monday 12?2:30PM
Tuesday 12?2:30PM, 7?10:30PM
Wednesday 12?2:30PM, 7?10:30PM
Thursday 12?2:30PM, 7?10:30PM
Friday 12?2:30PM, 7?10:30PM
Saturday 6?10:30PM
Sunday Closed

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