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Dinner in Paris: With a view of the Eiffel Tower, La Maison Blanche

In Paris there are many options to see the Eiffel Tower, but few give you a wonderful dining experience too. To be honest, there are so many tourist traps that are, just good enough, but not this one!
The rooftop of la Maison Blanche not only delivers on an aesthetic level with Paris most famous attraction in clear sight but with equally richly decorated plates that I dub the best place to have a romantic dinner or celebratory lunch when the weather is nice and warm!

A perfect place for an after dinner wedding anniversary or birthday celebrations.

G comme gabrielle in paris

It was our turn to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear girlfriend Gabrielle (who handmakes these leather bags in Paris)…

going back off my tangent – ?we wanted to do luxurious afternoon in fine Style – the sun was out and the terrace was open – and it was absolutely perfect!


La Maison Blanche team was bilingual ?- welcomed us with big smiles (somewhat still rare to get a warm customer service experience here in Paris!) and the other dinners looked to be also having a good time. One table to our left was also celebrating the birthday of the dad in the family and the table to our right looked like a romantic lunch with a 30 something english speaking couple.

There are various seating areas and you can also dine inside (from one of the mutli levels) and still have a view from the glass walls.



There is a fixed menu for lunch of appetizer, main dish, and dessert for 58 Euros.

We started with duck?Fois gras ?with artchoke paste for the appetizer…


Then we dinned on this yummy pollock fish with a cauliflower, broccoli puree…

and for myself – I could not resist a cheese cake in the form of red lips! – called the Le French Kiss – cheeky eh!

The wine selection was diverse – and their sommelier was there to educate us on the options in terms of what pairs best with the dishes we ordered, and also sharing info on the regions and I was impressed with the organic wine selection.

Address: La Maison Blanche?

Address: 15 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris


Wednesday 12?1:45PM, 7:30?10:45PM
Thursday 12?1:45PM, 7:30?10:45PM
Friday 12?1:45PM, 7:30?10:45PM
Saturday 7:30?10:45PM
Sunday 7:30?10:45PM
Monday 12?1:45PM, 7:30?10:45PM
Tuesday 12?1:45PM, 7:30?10:45PM
Phone: 01 47 23 55 99


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