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Yanique Francis- Travel Blogger @myparisianlife – Paris

Why Pepo: it’s essentially a great app ( iPhone and Android) platform to connect with real travelers, who are experts in their fields. Also, you can chat easily with your interests whether it’s location (like Paris) or passion (like food) based.

I’m excited to be the Paris expert and you guys can ask me just about anything there!

Connect and ask questions: If I’m going to a new city I can connect to someone there and ask tips on “where are the best places to eat out with kids?”, or ?”where have a romantic date for cheap?” or “what’s the best times to visit a certain local monument?” for example.

Favorite things to photograph: ?Food, street, and people. Basically, everything that makes up daily life in Paris, so it’s sort of ad addition to the theme of the blog. I love to eat and drink, showing the alternative side of Paris but also highlighting some typical experiences in a new way. Constantly on the look out for what is on the curve of being new and hip, while showing the local favorites that remain timeless! ?In the past I’ve been obsessed with the rapidly changing third wave coffee scene in Paris, now I’m mixing in some personal development and wellness in this beautiful city (so you’ll see more of my pretty face, hahaha).

Cool photo options: Pepo has some cool editing tools that will make your photos pop, lots of filters and enhanced tools. I love that you can also have a Spotlight running for a few hours to 24hours that are like a little video show into the lives of locals in the cities you’re interested in.

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We have over 8000 followers on the My Parisian Life channel on Pepo. Feel free to join us – in the upcoming weeks I’ll be doing lots of short Paris videos in the Spotlight section ( for real Paris stories!)

My Parisian Life page on PEPO

Spotlight video on typical ( but very good!) French restaurant to have dinner



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