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A guide to the best 2017 places in Paris – Map now in PDF!

If you’re coming to Paris for the first or even second time and really want to discover the best local, alternative and cool places to shop, eat and wander – we’ve put it all in our 2017 Poster Map!

Bien Sur – you know we’ve got you foodies and fearless wanderers covered.

Normally only available as a part of our Welcome to Paris bag in print format. Many of you have asked that I also sell it separately – and as we’re heading into the Holiday season where we’ll be doing lots of gifting and walking around it’s the perfect time to get the map.

The Welcome To Paris Map has our favorite places from the past few years as well as some hidden gems not found online – we take you off the beaten path with style.


paris city guide map trendy hipster hotspot

Standing at Marche des Enfants Rouge

The PDF version has the same content as the printed version. Can you buy directly by clicking the link through which I sell the map.  Pay via PayPal or credit card.

Navigate all the trendy neighborhoods with ease – NO TOURIST TRAPS

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