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Where to Watch the World Cup 2018 In Paris?

A quick post for the special event this weekend!

There are tons of places you can watch the 2018 World Cup match this weekend with France and Croatia in the finals!

Below are a few of the places I’ve been during the cup and love to recommend to you guys.

From small local bars to restaurants, to bigger venues like the city hall at Hotel de Ville and lawns of the Eiffel Tower and more!

Last week we ate at Cannibal (see photo below) and it was so good – because of the food too and the great ambience.





Cannibale Café
Ground Control
Hôtel de Ville
La Colonie
La Penderie
La Piscine
Les têtes brûlées
Pavillon Puebla
Point Éphémère
The Frog & Rosbif
Tour Eiffel



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