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Travel from Paris: Toulon in Photos

Want to travel from Paris to a cool place in the south of France, that is beautiful, easily accessible and seriously cheaper than Aix en Provence? Let’s go to TOULON! Found in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

A few days ago I got back to Paris from Toulon. While in the south of France we got to discover more of the region by way of Salon de Provence, Aix en Provence (which I love and have travelled to before) but also Marseille (my first time!).

on the grounds of Nostradmous Camping

Here are a few photos from the trip:


Getting to Aix (or Toulon) from Paris is super easy and not expensive by train. Around 60 euros each way if you book in advance. And 4 hours with the SNCF train.


You can book here

In Toulon we stayed at the Holiday Inn Centre – they have a cool pool, English staff, breakfast included and very good wifi.  

Stay at the Holiday Inn in Toulon – with a pool!

What I loved most about Toulon was that it felt so relaxed (compared to Paris), you could easily walk around and discover so much history about France (it’s one of the biggest marine naval towns and have an impressive port with beautiful boats and a marine museum), around every corner of a small street you’ll find a square with a fountain and lots of tiny bistros to sit for a coffee or dinner.

Place to visit in Toulon:

  1. Cafe Brun Noir – Address20 Rue de l’Équerre, 83000 Toulon
  2. Maison Sarroche – Address101 Boulevard Bazeilles, 83000 Toulon
  3. Army Museum – AddressPlace Monsenergue, Quai de Norfolk, 83000 Toulon
  4. Ban Thai – Address10 Boulevard de Tessé, 83000 Toulon
  5. Sculpture de Bateau (boat Sculpture) – AddressPlace Vatel, 83000 Toulon
  6. Twiggy Cafe – Address11 bis rue pierre semard, 83000 Toulon
  7. La Tete a Toto Resturant – Address4 Rue Larmodieu, 83000 Toulon
  8. Resturant Le Pascalou – Address3 Place À l’Huile, 83000 Toulon
  9. Les Enfant Gates Restuarant – Address9 Rue Corneille, 83000 Toulon
  10. Le Bistro de Cesar – Address 16 Rue Moliere83000 Toulon
  11. Freedom square – AddressPlace de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon
  12. Plage du Mourillon / Mourillon Beach (bus 3)
  13. L’Anse des Pins – Address4 Plage du Mourillon, 83000 Toulon
  14. Satyns (club) – AddressProm. Henri Fabre, 83000 Toulon
  15. Shopping Mall Mayol  (Zara, FNAC, Go Sport…) – AddressRue du Mûrier, 83000 Toulon

There are very few (ABOUT 2) Ubers in Toulon. Bet on calling a taxi rather if you need to get ride, because even our uber driver confirmed that Ubers are “mal vue” ie seen as bad competitors to the taxis.




Aix is the perfect place to go market shopping or take a day trip to see the lavender fields



Salon de Provence is in between the two towns and is more “Sauvage” as we say in French, meaning wild in vegetation. We stayed at a fancy camping ground with a pool and a reggae festival for a few days. I’m am not a big “camper” but I guess this would fall more in the category of “glamping”. The camping grounds have been in the family for centuries – a river runs through it and they have this amazing garden with so many tropical plants and trees I was blown away.


Camping Nostradamous with pool

Adresse : Route d’Eyguières, 13300 Salon-de-Provence

Téléphone : 04 90 56 08 36


Don MALEKO and Friends Festival  – July 2018


Map it:




RENT A CAR: I’d say the best way to see the region and hop around from town to town is to rent a car. We moved easily between Salon de Provence, Marseille and Toulon within a few hours.

at Braun Noir Cafe – great coffee and outdoor seating.

walking on the port – that is lined with much restaurants and cash exchange

Moules Frites / Fries and Moussels on the Port

street performer with Puppet on port



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