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Parisian Style with Miliboo Furniture

My charming Montmartre apartment has been my abode now for some years and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect blue sofa that also as a bed and lo and behold I was so happy that Miliboo has amazing designs that are cute and functional and most of all break the bank!

So I wanted to share my sofa-bed pride with you guys and show (again) some photos from my little Parisian home.

I’m lucky to have lots of light coming into the almost all (except the toilet) rooms in my apart and when I’m sitting on the sofa or as I am here I get really nice direct light in. There are also tons of plants and fresh flowers to cheer up . Plants bring a vibrant quality to every space in the apart, and the blue and green really well.


We are in full holiday season fever – so in our house, we are either hardcore eating or chilling for the next few days. So the sofa will get a lot of love when it’s time to “ and chill”

Here I am wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses!

I got the miliboo ULLA sofa bed and am in love

For I’m just in the beginning stages of the redecorating process – but here is the color theme. What do you guys think?

I’ll be sharing more updates as the months go by into 2019 so stay tuned!

I am yet to try it out as a bed, but I’ll give you guys a full review of that in the new year.

Here’s what it looks like on their website|

Miliboo has functions cool furniture to decorate your P apartment, and even easier payment plans of up to 10 times and you get from 48 hours to 72 hours!

This model is the ULLA and comes in 4 different colors.  it seats 3 but can easily seat 4!

You can check them out on Instagram here

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