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Wellness Ritual in Paris

In honor of the Full Moon in Virgo last night I wanted to share my full moon ritual that I practice here in Paris but you can also try it wherever you are.

As Full moons bring a of emotions be them good or bad – we often times can feel overwhelm or filled with a rush of irrational/ sentiment.

For me that’s a sign that I need to slow down and practice more self-care!

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Here’s what we can do:

I take a break in my day to spend sometime outdoors. This may mean that even if I have a full days work – i leave to grab a snadwich (easy to find yummy ones in Paris) and go for a walk to a Park or just around the neighbourhood for lunchtime.

Back home later in the evening I like to soak my feet (I dont have a bath) in some rose and lavendar bath salts, drink tea and journal about the things i’d like to let go of.

For me I worry a lot so I really try to just trust the universe more and let my worry go, because worry attracts more worry.

Full moons are a time of release and culminations so this can also be a time when you look back at the seeds that were sown 6 month prior. What intentions did you make the the new moon back then? Is it working out, is it you? If not now’s a time to let it go knowing that you tried.

My friend Caroline also has A FULL MOON WORKSHEET on her website you can use to get started. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

For me, to create my moon ritual: candle, bath salt, crystals… (optional journal, lavender room spray)

To create a sacred space around your bath with candles and some healing crystals, spread them out as you like in a calming way to you. I love amethyst for letting go – it’s the stone that brings more intuition and spirituality.

take your bath and at the end before you get out the bath imagine everything you want to let go, going away as the water disappears.

I hope my little ritual tip was helpful. I’ll be posting more on my wellness journey on please follow if you’d like to receive more self-care and wellness tips with a french touch!

See you loves soon = on instagram @myparisianlife !

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