My parisian life

My Parisian Life Tour: Tips to live in Paris for a few days or a few years

How do you go from dreaming about living in Paris to actually that dream? Waking up in the morning in your Parisian apartment, running downstairs to buy your croissant, pain au chocolat or baguette. Taking your classes, going to work or simply spending doing nothing but to flâneur ( the French term for enjoying life doing not much).

Do you have no idea where to begin, or no contacts here?

You want to take the necessary steps based on your unique personality, personal and professional goal?

Here’s the secret, with the proper planning and you can not only make Paris home, but also have it enrich your life goals.

I’d like to invite you to join me for my consulting tour, My Parisian Life, where we meet first via from anywhere you are in the world, to spending a 1/2 day together here in Paris on your next trip.

One part personal workshop

One part girls hang out: we shop, dine or do another activity together

I show you how to plan for Paris and make the necessary contacts, and have fun together! I share with you my Parisian Life: as I moved from NYC and have been here for 12 years!

Click here to register for your skype call…

and see you in Paris!

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