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The Poster Paris Map

paris 2019 poster map

Prepare your trip to Paris with our curated map of the best 2019 places to eat, drink, stay and wander.

This is the same map that goes out into each of our Paris Foodie Bag orders (LINK)

It’s also a great souvenir to have framed in your apartment.

For the past 11 years, the blog has been your refuge for everything that’s authentic hip and yummy about Paris.

We’re serious when we say No Tourist Traps!

It’s with this in mind that the poster map was created – of course, it would take a few meters worth of paper to list everything so we’ve made it shorter yet sweeter with this year’s best places to eat, drink shop stay and see around in the 5 coolest neighborhood.

Categories include:

  1. Coffee
  2. Lunch
  3. Dinner
  4. Bakeries
  5. Veggie
  6. Nightlife
  7. Wine Bars
  8. Hotels
  9. Shops
  10. Bookshops
  11. Rooftops
  12. Architecture

There are two versions available – print for 9.99 euros

Or the PDF version for 5.99 euros

If you want to know the best vegan and gluten free spots, cocktail bars or neo-bistro restaurants. We’ve got you covered. 


2019 My Parisian Life Map
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