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How to find yourself in Paris: some thought on the Feminine Divine in Paris

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The more tours I give in Paris, the more people I meet in the monthly meetups, the more amazing people I meet who are like you and me: using travel as an experience to enrich our lives!

I love authentic connections because of this. We are all reflections of love, and every time I meet someone it’s like welcoming an old friend. I see that we are all divine.

About 6 years ago I picked it up a Salvador Dali Tarot deck, randomly at a bookshop, Mona Lisait, in the Marais. It was close to where I’d go vintage shopping back in the day. To be honest, I really bought it because the box was just so pretty!

I knew nothing about Tarots and had no interest in learning but this box, so beautifully designed and every card a world onto its own. As an aesthete, I was won over!

Fast forward to today, where I pick a card for the week and it came up as THE EMPRESS: all that govern strong connection to feminity and abundance.

Via my tours this week I’ve also had the opportunity to meet amazing women readers from all over the world, families of two moms and teenage daughters to solo traveling women.

**(Men I love you on my tours too, and all beings men and women have feminine qualities in different degrees)

So I saw it as a sign to put together a “feminine divine” shortlist for Paris.

May this list help you navigate Paris like the Empress you are, or if your soul is called to join me on one of my magical Paris tours!

Strong Connection to Feminity

There are many ways to connect to our feminity and one of the simplest ways is to be in nature or simply get back to our breath, for the latter I like to do Yoga at ICI self-care with Sam. She’s a soulful editor who is also a yoga teacher with amazing energy. I can’t recommend her and her studio enough! It’s a space full of light coming from the glass ceiling and positively decorated in a simple and calm style of living breathing space.

Ici Self Care

Address: 44 Rue des Acacias, 75017 ParisPhone07 69 18 64 97

Enjoy a fine restaurant

Treat yourself love! Try any one of these spots listed on the blog

Go into Nature

Two of my favorite parks in Paris that are huge and an escape from the hustle of a metropolitan city is Buttes Chaumont and Vincennes.

You can also find a COMPLETE list of the best parks in my Paris Picnic Map here

Creative Block

  1. Connect with other women here in Paris (SEE THIS WHOPPER OF A LIST HERE)

2. Join me and a small group for a weekend of creative connection, meditation, coaching, and wellness in Bordeaux (you know that also means wine and food, right! haha…EXACT DATES IN OCTOBER…sign up here to get more information

Bordeaux is a city dear t my heart and only 2 hours away. I am working on an amazing weekend away from Paris for us!

Focus on yourself

You don’t have to have it all together. Take your time to plan the basics of your Paris visit (or let me plan an itinerary for you) and trust the universe with the rest.

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