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Paris Strikes Big! – December 5th, 2019

paris metro strikes december

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I also hate to not share pertinent information. So here I am between a rock and a hard place.

Thursday, December 5th 2019 – be prepared for a massive strike in France that will affect all major transportation.

I received a note in the Les Halles metro when getting off the Line 4, being handed out that read something like this” We are not trying to make your lives difficult, we just can’t stand the government policies and have to fight back, and we thank you for your understanding”…

It’s in the confrontation of the government pension reform.

Paris is a densely packed city where many people rely on public transportation – so as you can imagine – there is already some panic.

I got a few emails from the Parents Teacher representative and the Principal from my son’s school this week ; “grosso modo” they will remain open but not sure who will show up (meaning teachers and students), and that’s ok.

Aieee… my advice if you have to travel. Be prepared. Possibly rely on taxi and uber if you can.

I’ll be working from home and taking my bicycle when absolutely necessary. Many people have already taken the day off.

Other than that we will all have to make do.

Expect to see the strike carry over the weekend all the way into Monday.

Lines 1 and 14 to run as usual – as they are automatic and do not need a conductor. All other lines service won’t be guaranteed

90% of SNCF trains are set to be cancelled.

as we say in french “Courage” meaning – Good Luck my friends.

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