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paris bookclub 2020

This year has given us many challenges and what if one main takeaway was that we, no matter what sex, color, or location we can in fact make a big impact, and that a drop in the ocean is as important as the whole ocean.

We’ve seen that with the onset of a pandemic that started in a town in China many miles away to unprecedented civil unrest and emotional political climate in the US and worldwide, we are in the grips of a year of monumental changes. Perhaps urging us to level up in our soul’s purpose.

This month’s book club selection will have us digging deep into Dr. David Swartz’s bestseller The Magic of Thinking Big.

Proven techniques on how to think and do things.

What goals do you feel are too big for yourself?

Want to join us?

If you want to learn more about the My Parisian Life bookclub go here

We meet via zoom on November 29 and you can grab a copy of the book here

You also don’t have to have read the book, think of it as a communal meeting place with other francophiles who are interested in personal development.

I am still more active on INSTAGRAM than on here in the last few months with the Pandemic, life changes, and Black Lives Matter changing drastically worldwide and my healing. Go there to see DAILY VIDEOS OF PARIS

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