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PARIS NEWS: we are in our 3rd confinement!

And just like that on Thursday during one of my classes a student said Mr Castix will talk tonight and “on va voir”. My ears peaked up because her tone sounded somber. Sure enough woke up early Friday morning (because at this point it made no sense to me to ruin my night with bad news) to learn that we will be going into our 3rd confinement for Paris and some northern parts of France too.

As I write this we will have an extension to 7pm curfew, only possible to move around in 10km , and they are editing – may possibly make void – the new paper(attestation) we need to use each time we go out.

At this point pretty much like everyone I’m just rolling with the situation of Covid. I give thanks I’m alive, healthy and strong.

I’m also super excited to be back writing regularly!

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Hope you all are holding up well. Let me know in the comments

We will get through this! #feelgoodparis



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