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Paris News: Terraces reopen May 19th

Paris opens up in less than a week

We are getting ready to reopen terraces again on May 19th after almost a year (9 months to be exact!).

I saw one of my neighbors while I waiting in line at the pharmacy to buy masks two days ago, he’s also the waiter at the bar downstairs. So we got to chatting about the possibility to reopen after such a long time, he took a long sigh and said it’s been really rough to not work for so long. The feeling around is excitement and finally some relief to be able to do something traditionally Parisian!

We are still in our curfew from 7pm to 6am, a new curfew will start at 9pm when the restaurant terraces reopen.

France is slated to reopen to outsiders only in June though, so as Paris is a town heavily dependent on tourism we won’t be seeing an influx anytime soon, not to mention not everyone is comfortable traveling again yet.

I went for a walk over to Sacre Couer and it’s super beautiful as usual but also feels like a movie set because of the absence of people. Anyways I was asked by a few travel consultants about what I think travel will look like after all this, in all honestly, maybe I was a bit too honest, I said ‘I don’t know lady’ hahaha

I’m curious to know how you guys feel about travelling now,let me know in the comments. I miss you all.

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Also I’ve been trying to upload more photos but having some issues, and I see some of the homepage images are missing – so going in the backend to work on all this is taking some time, so bear with me loves.

Bisous Yanique

Food shopping at Marche dAligre
Street Performers at Marche d Aligre
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