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Paris – September Things To Do

September in Paris means La Rentree; Back to School. It’s a big deal as in France is very similar to the feel of the start of a New Year we have in the USA – except there’s no ball drop on a Parisian version of Times Square.

It’s an important new start, so much so that many of the day planners and calendars actually start in September! Here it’s not just for the kids but many companies will have a major yearly focus and you see it all over the news and in talks with your friends about goals.

And as many Pariaisns are making their way back from vacation, the capital city is busier than in August.

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There are lots of activities and things to do in September in Paris, as people come back into the city in heaps feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the year.

Here’s the summary of what this article is about.

we’re going to be talking about:

The Weather in Paris?

What to pack for Paris? 

Corona Update

Best activities for the month of September in Paris?

What local hotspot should I see in Paris?

The Best places to Eat, Drink and Stay


The weather is warmer than October for sure, and on numerous occasions, we experience an Indian summer.

September weather in Paris is still warm, you won’t need a coat, but a scarf and light vest could come in handy.

Temperatures in the month of September in Paris.  Usually 18 – 21C.

On top of that, I think flights are less expensive outside of the summer holiday dates.


Feel free to still pack a light jacket and comfy walking shoes. Paris is a beautiful city that is easy to walk around but we have lots of cobblestone streets. For an evening out at dinner, your best dress and heels should do the trick, but many Parisians have mastered the art of casual chic (see this YOUTUBE VIDEO on FRENCH Style)

Comfy shoes because the cobblestone streets in Paris are no joke. Not to mention if you’ll be joining me on a tour in hilly Montmartre. To Book a One on One Tour here.

This blog has a good list of what to pack 

Corona Update

The Pass Sanitaire is in full swing – you will need a pass, that says either of 3 things

1 a negative PCR test valuable in the last 72 hours

2 a note that you already had the virus

3 a vaccination card or QR code

to be allowed to eat at restaurants and enter museums and library

As of today, about 64 percent of the French population has been vaccinated.


Art Paris (9-12 September)

After being the first art fair in the world to open its doors in
September 2020 after lockdown restrictions ended, Art Paris will
also, be the first art fair to take up residence in the Grand Palais
Éphémère on the Champ-de-Mars from 9 to 12 September. Designed
by renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, this spectacular tem-
porary structure which is situated in front of the École Militaire and
close to the Eiffel Tower, will host events scheduled at the Grand
Palais until the building reopens for the Olympic Games in 2024.

More here artpairscom

Paris Design Week (9 – 18 September)

One week celebration of Paris bests in creativity and design! Taking place all over the city: galleries, schools, workshops …gives you a chance to fo in-depth into the professional world of trends and aesthetics.

More here


September 11 to 13, 2021 inside Parc Floral with some of the best lineup of Chefs showing us how they make the dishes we love. Workshops live shows and semi-private dining spaces. Some food trucks and culinary startups are on hand.

Journées du Patrimoine / European Heritage Day

September 18 to 19, 2021

The day of the year when all monuments open their doors for free

More info here

Taste of Paris

 September 16 to 19, 2021 

Another major food event for the capital. All the top chefs will be present giving you a taste of their famous and signature dishes. Think about setting aside a nice budget of around 50 eu to spend inside while there

Paris Coffee Show

 September 13 to 14, 2021 

Over 80 coffee-related stands and shows inside the Parc Floral


Techno Parade (19 SEPTEMBER)

If you’re a lover of electronic music and culture when you’re in luck! The parade draws an international audience of around 350 000 electronic music culture. This one-day festive event attracts a large audience (more than 350,000 fans) who come to take part in the parade through the streets of Paris, in the company of a dozen or so floats. These floats, from around the world, represent a label, an organizer, or a collective dedicated to electronic music.

More here

Jazz a la Villette (1-12 September)

Is a yearly celebration of world-renowned musicians in Paris such as Anthony joseph who I’m excited to see!

more here


Paris Tours

you can book your One on One walking tour with me here

Cooking class

French cooking classes and other parts of France

Perfume class

have me book a resto

shopping tour



the group behind one of my already fave Parisian cafes has done it again with this new French brasserie on rue Saint-Denis


Ma Cave Fleury

One of my fave local wine bars in my old neighborhood

super central and great team


Soho house Paris

36 bedrooms set over three floors, each with a different theme ranging from traditional Parisian-style suites to provincial attic bedrooms

Be Safe

Like I shared on Instagram that Paris is a metropolitan city like any other so you have to be careful of pickpockets, especially when you’re in the metro or when you’re around the monuments you want to be very vigilant. Carry your wallets in your purse in front of you, try and avoid carrying around too much cash, and definitely be careful when people come up to you asking you if you speak English asking to sign any petition. A lot of times those are Gangs of Gypsies who target travelers.




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