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Paris – October Things To Do

October marks the beginning of autumn in Paris. There’s a chill in the air and the leaves are just
beginning to change colors, so make sure to pack your most fashionable jacket, some comfy
boots, and an umbrella before exploring the long list of activities in Paris this month.

Why visit in October?
Peak season slows in September but has entirely ended by October. That means less tourists, so
you won’t have to fight the crowds in and around your favorite attractions. Instead, expect
short lines and ease of access around the city. The weather can be a mixed bag, but Paris is just
as beautiful in the rain. October is a solid balance between the warm, sunny weather of the
summer without the high-maintenance summer crowds.

Looking for something specific?

Feel free to skip around. Here’s what I’ll cover in this article:
The weather in Paris?
What to pack?
Corona Update
Best October Activities
Best places to eat, drink, and stay this month

Weather in Paris
Parisian Octobers can be chilly. Expect afternoon temperatures to top out around the mid to
upper sixties. You won’t have to worry about booking a hotel or hostel with air conditioning,
but you will need to pack a decent jacket and sweaters. October can also be one of the rainier
months, so it’s important to remember an umbrella. Instead of sneakers, consider packing
comfortable, stylish boots that won’t leak water. Locals tend not to wear rainboots, so your
leather boots would be perfect.

Corona Update
In order to eat in restaurants, drink in bars, visit museums, etc., you will need the Pass
Sanitaire. These three things can count as your pass:

  1. A negative PCR test from the last 72 hours
  2. A note that says you have already had the virus
  3. A vaccination card or QR code
    The QR code pass is often simpliest to use but can be tedious to get. The instructions for how
    those outside the EU can get the pass are here
    At the end of September, about 75% of the population of France had received at least one dose
    of a vaccinee.
    Best October Activities

Although Parisians don’t celebrate Halloween to the extent that Americans might, there are
plenty of spooky fall activities in and around the city. November 1 st marks the closing of several
popular gardens and outdoor tour spots, so this is the time to escape the city before winter.
Also expect plenty of culture and art events.

The Paris Catacombs
This is one of the most popular tourist sites in Paris and is perfect for a bone-chilling excursion
this month. Travel twenty meters underground to visit the final resting place of several million
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Halloween at Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris puts on their annual Halloween party the entire month of October. Visit the
park until 2 A.M. and visit all your favorite, spookiest Disney villains.
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Monet’s House and Gardens at Giverny
Monet, the highly regarded Impressionist painter, lived in Giverny for the last forty years of his
life. His property closes to the public at the end of this month, so now is your chance to visit. A
short train ride from Paris, the gardens on his estate inspired his iconic Water Lilies paintings,
among other works.
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Montmarte Grape Harvest Festival
More than forty bars and restaurants and up to 500,000 people take part in Montmarte’s
annual Grape Harvest Festival. This free festival includes parades, exhibitions, tastings of local
and regional products, and more. Pop in and around the 18 th arrondissement from October 6-10
to take part in the fun.

International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC)
1,500 contemporary artists put their work on display from October 21-24 at the International
Contemporary Art Fair and all eyes in the contemporary art world look to Paris. Buy a
groundbreaking masterpiece or peruse works by some of today’s most famous artists.
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Les Grandes Eaux Musicales at Versailles
There is special, outdoor programming at Versailles through the end of this month. On Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Fridays, enjoy the musical gardens. On Saturdays and Sundays, enjoy the
musical fountains.

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Musée Rodin
The Picasso – Rodin temporary exhibit recently opened at the Musée Rodin. This month, pick a
sunny day to enjoy the lush gardens outside the museum and sit under the trees near famous
sculptures like The Thinker.
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