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FRENCH SUMMER – LIMOGES, Porcelain capital

Last weekend we went on a surprise vacation to Limoges. 3 hours by train from Paris is the porcelain capital of the world and let me tell you loves if you are a tableware and decor lover like me; imagine my delight when the train left Gare D’Asterlitz (and figure out where we were headed hahaha)

Over the years every time I buy vintage plates and porcelain I always look for the “fabriquer a Limoges”, made in Limoges sign.

For centuries Porcelain has been used as a sign of showing your wealth and in France being a very old country and having a strong focus on beauty and craftmanship, then even buying porcelain tableware (like I have been doing for the past 15 years) you get great deals! Especially at the weekend flea markets and Emmaus.

We stayed in an Airbnb and did/saw everything there was to do!

In this Instagram post, I share the top things to do or just a list of suggestions for a summer in the luxurious little town.

Wishing you a lovely start to your week, here are a few photos I’d like to share!


eating at the market in limoges – quiche and salad with a dessert for 13 euros

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