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Paris Solo Traveler with Local Tour Guide

Are you thinking of doing Paris solo?

Well, many of my clients have done it! And we do an all-day tour to kick things off.

These tours are perfect if you are a solo traveler staying in Paris and looking to have a great time.

First, we get the lay of the land of all there is to know about Paris, France from a local, and we discover the area around your hotel or Airbnb neighborhood. At the beginning of your trip, we will also talk about your upcoming days, so you can navigate the other days with ease on your own. 

Second, we mix in all the must-do fun touristy things and local experiences based on your likes and passions. The point is we’ll be having fun the entire time. We can also choose the pace together.

What to do in Paris solo?

I can also help you plan other activities such as Versailles, Seine River Cruise, Eiffel Tower Dinner, etc.

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Want to know more about my neighborhood of Montmartre? The little village on the hill with Sacré Coeur and Moulin Rouge? 

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“Montmartre my love” 

Are you a wine and cheese lover?

Buy my “ wine bar in Paris “ list 

Where to stay in Paris Solo?

I suggest if this is your first time depending on your interests like, would prefer to make your own bed, or run downstairs to the bakery for your breakfast at home you can book an Airbnb like this one

in Le Marais or are you someone who prefers to stay at a hotel?

book a hotel where you are super central and within walking distance to many things you’ll want to do

Hotel duo, Hotel Bachaumont  Or Hôtel Rochechouart

If you really prefer to savor Paris in a more local way by having your own kitchen to prepare meals after shopping at the local Marche / fruits and veggie market on one of my Market TOURS, then this is perfect for you. 

I’m both cases I suggest Le Marais neighborhood if this is your first time in Paris. The shopping, LGBTQIA, and traditional Jewish neighborhood is the most fabulous place to stay. 

If this is not your first time and you’ve been to Paris a few times before 

What to expect?

I’ll meet you at your hotel or apartment and we spend the morning, lunch and afternoon together until 4 pm. 

We will do two major neighborhoods

Example – We can start with coffee /breakfast/croissants etc then a tour of Le Marais 

Make our way to lunch 

Head to another neighborhood like Montmartre or do some afternoon shopping/discovering the local Parisian high street brands for clothing, perfumes, jewelry, vintage etc.

With a break for coffee or wine. And I drop you back at your hotel.

Book Solo Day Tour

You can book the tour here. simply send me an email with your required day.

About me  

So that you know you’re in good hands and that I’m not too crazy ( a little bit of folie is tres bien!) – take a look at my Instagram or youtube

Email me myparisianlife @ – or book here

See you soon on the fun side!



Paris FAQ

Is Paris good for solo female Travellers?

yes it sure is, there are really no bad areas of Paris that you can’t wander around and feel safe. You just need to look out for pickpockets – they are never violent you just won’t know if your phone or wallet is missing!

Is Paris good for a solo trip?

I think any place you intentionally choose to go is good for a solo trip, what makes Paris special is that there are so many things you can do alone here and have fun! The French capital is the place for food, wine, art, shopping and more.

Is solo trip a good idea for a girl?

It’s really up to you to decide what you’d like to do with your life if you identify as a girl. Live your life on your terms, and you will never regret the woman you are. Life is meant to be experienced and filled with your desires. What do you truly desire? To have a croissant from a real French bakery? To slow down and enjoy a more relaxed way of life? Then come on over!

How to find solo travellers in Paris?

There are many many Facebook groups and meet up of locals in Paris. You simply need to be curious or digitally connected. Also just going to a local cafe or bookshop there are plenty of solo travelers all around.

Love and light – Yanique

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