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Best Jewelry and Handbags in Paris  

Are you looking for the perfect way to accessorize your outfit the Parisian way? Do you want to embody the french style by adding timeless accessories that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come? Then you stumbled upon the right article! When you continue reading you will discover the best Jewelry and Handbag brands that Paris has to offer. Now before your trip you will know all the best shops to visit . 

If you’re still wanting someone who can customize a tour to bring you to all these fantastic shops throughout the city of Paris look no further! You can book a tour with me ,Yanique! I will bring you to all the shops so that you can witness the craftsmanship, understand the brand’s identity, and have some fun along the way! So what are you waiting for…book your tour with me and we will visit all the best Jewelry and Handbag Shops in Paris!   

Anissa Kermiche   

Anissa Kermiche,is a woman who entered the corporate engineering world, particularly specializing in computer science. She soon found her calling for Jewelry Design and quickly changed her career path. Anissa was born in  Paris and found a deep connection to the culture, and it was only suitable to start her brand in Paris (2016)! 

The brand identity of Anissa Kermiche is to embrace all attributes of the woman. What makes Anissa Kermiche unique is that all her pieces are art work that she curated to be worn on the body. Her jewelry embraces womanhood, femininity, and the beautiful female form. This is the perfect jewelry brand to check out  if you are looking for a conversational piece. Trust me when I tell you people will ask you about your Anissa Kermiche piece. 

Elise Tsikis 

Elise Tsikis, is a french brand that anyone can find a deep connection to. Every piece has a story to tell and that can be interpreted differently by every individual that wears them. Elsie finds inspiration from her pieces from the simple pleasures in life. These pleasures include music, travel, and photography. Her aesthetic is quite unique compared to other traditional French Brands. 

Elise studied at Art decoratif de Paris where she developed skill and technique to create her beautiful jewelry. Her jewelry is effortless, a sense of movement, and celebrates French and Greek culture. This Parisian born label uses raw stones, gold plated metals, and natural fabrics to create talking point pieces. 

Atelier Paulin  

Founded by Anna Sophie Baillet, Atelier Paulin was founded in 2014 after the birth of her daughter Colette. Anna Sophie’s first piece that placed her name high on the jewelry radar was the famous “name bracelet”. The purpose behind the name is simple, “atelier” is to honor the french craftsmanship and Paulin is to honor Anna Sophie’s entrepreneur father. 

Atelier Paulin is the brand for you i f you are in need of a custom, one of a kind, and unique jewelry piece. Anna Sophie prides herself in having everyone who wears an Atelier Paulin piece to feel special. That is why every single order is made to order in her Parisian workshop by highly skilled artists. All her jewelry pieces are created to be treasured forever. 

Gas Bijoux 

Gas Bijoux, a brand that embraces the French Riviera through its vibrant colors, unique textures, and abstract shapes. Gas Bijoux, is the perfect jewelry brand for your beach getaway or your summer holiday. This brand pays homage to the 1960’s, when the brand was first created in the South of France.  

The brand was founded  by Andre Gas after his studies in Ecole des beaux-arts des Paris in the late 1960’s. Andre was born in Marseille, France and you can see that he has taken inspiration from there for all his jewelry pieces. Mr. Gas started selling his handmade “lucky jewelry” on the beaches of Saint Tropez! If you are looking for a brand that spreads love and peace through every piece of jewelry Gas Bijoux is made for you. 


A Parisian brand founded in 2016 by three siblings with a mission to create and develop a brand that mended the gap between luxury. They all believed that the handbag industry was lacking creativity and quality. That’s why they made it a mission to not aspire to replicate the luxury brands but to create a fairly priced leather piece with a playful yet unique silhouette!

All the Polene designs originate in Paris, are produced in Spain, and then distributed to all modern people around the world. The Polene bag is slowly becoming a Parisian staple for many, with its fluid, graceful, and highlights the natural quality and sculpture of the natural leather. 


Founded by Jean Touitou in 1987 A.P.C is a brand renowned for its authenticity, creativity, and durability. While the brand itself may be associated with denim, you will see more references of  the handbags throughout Paris. At  A.P.C you will not see extravagant designs, you will witness simplicity to embrace the minimalist style of Jean Touitou’s vision. 

A.P.C stands for “Atelier des Productions”. This is a beautiful message that expresses the fact that without production creation is merely an idea, and without creation the piece of leather, clothing etc. will never come to life. The handbag at A.P.C is structured beautifully to make  


A French brand born in Paris in 1948 and founded by Jean Cassegrain. Longchamp was the first  handbag company to introduce the world’s first luxury leather covered pipes, and later expanded his business into other sectors of luxury leather goods. These other leather goods he expanded into include handbags, passport holders, wallets, and more.

Longchamp has become an unofficial tradition in France. The tradition is that french families particularly the mother will purchase a long champ leather good for their 15 year old daughter and gift it to her for her birthday. So when you visit Longchamp in Paris maybe start your own tradition and buy a part of the french tradition for someone you love. 

Vanessa Bruno 

Vanessa Bruno was founded in 1996 by Vanessa Bruno herself. She was surrounded by fashion as a young girl with her Danish mother and Italian father both working  in the fashion industry. Vanessa began her brand at age 25 years old, primarily in clothing. A couple years later she created the Cabas Tote that is now the brand’s emblem. 

The Cabas Tote represents the essential fashion of the free modern woman that is independent and grounded. Vanessa has made her brand Vanessa Bruno a Parisian allure that embraces the comfort, chic, relaxed, and romantic style that is in every parisian womens closet. When you are in Paris and taking a promenade throughout the arrondissements of Paris you will definitely spot a Vanessa Bruno tote in the hands of a Parisian woman. 

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