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The Ultimate Summer Packing List for Paris  

Paris in  the summer! The Season when French women can hang up their coats, tuck away their scarves, and wave goodbye to their gloves. Summertime in Paris is blissful and bright. The Parisians are spending mornings on the terrace with a cafe, afternoon lunch breaks walking in the gardens, and evenings having an Apero along the Seine. 

You want to make sure your suitcase is packed with outfits to suit  all the summer occasions. In this article I will share with you all the summer Parisian staples to date. If you’re looking for a personalized tour to showcase all that Paris has to offer in the world of fashion, book a tour with me!  

The Iconic Blazer


It is never too warm to bring a blazer when packing your suitcase for Paris. French women love their blazers, most would consider it to be a French wardrobe staple! Whether it’s a wool, plaid, or a well tailored black blazer you can’t go wrong with bringing one of them along on your trip. 

If you can only fit one blazer on your packing list I would suggest you bring “The black smoking blazer”. The iconic “Le Smoking Jacket” in France was made by Yves Saint Laurent. The black blazer is a must wear on evenings out in Paris, and you will spot many french women rocking the look as well.  

The White Blouse

French women always have a white blouse incorporated in their summer wardrobe. The white blouse is an article of clothing that can be business attire , casual, chic, sexy, and sophisticated. This article of clothing can be fitted,  oversized, or tailored to be suited for every occasion while on your trip in Paris!

The white blouse will be the most useful article of clothing in your suitcase. You can use it as a cover up after a day by the pool, tucked into a beautiful skirt, or paired with your black blazer and slacks. You can find this staple at Veronica Beard, Sezane, or ba&sh etc. 

Wide Legged Trousers 

The wide leg trouser is a summer staple for the Parisians. You will find the French women wearing the wide leg  trousers in light weight colors and fabrics to be easily paired for any event. These trousers are not just for the beach. You will easily find French women rocking these wide leg trousers on the Parisian streets in the summertime. 

You can find these trousers at various french clothing retailers in Paris. One of my favorite white trousers can be found at ,Sandro a classic French fashion brand that the Parisian women love to browse in from time to time.  

 Sundresses “les robes d’été” 


The Sun dress is notably one of the most versatile pieces to wear in the summer. All you need handy is the right accessories to either dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion. The best part about the summer dress attire is the variety of styles! These styles include midi white dresses for lunching, linen maxis for an apero, oversized shirt dresses that are perfect for the beach, and a floral dress for a sunday brunch with the family. 

The French women love to always look put together without looking like they’ve tried to hard. The goal is to achieve an effortless chic look, then you have master the summer French niche style. You can find the perfect summer dress at Sezane for your summer travels! 

The Straw Bag  

When I think of French summer fashion one of the first items that comes to mind is “the starw bag”. I believe it has become a French summer staple to all French women for a good reason! The straw bag is a versatile bag that can be worn to the daily  market in the morning and later at the beach in the afternoon. This bag instantly signals Summer when paired with any outfit. 

Now many starw bags even incorporate details such as chain straps and leather accents showcasing it to be  more then just your average floppy beach bag (or) everyday market bag. One of my favorite straw bags is from Loewe, which also happens to be one of the iconic French luxury starw bag!

The French Summer Chic Packing List:   

Don’t forget these  French Summer Staples before your Summer Getaway to Paris. Below I’ve created a packing list for the summer,  Bon Voyage my loves! 

  1. Iconic Black Blazer
  1. White blouse
  1. Wide Legged Trousers 
  1. Summer Dress
  1. The Straw bag
  1. Sunglasses 
  1. Comfy shoes for walking: espadrilles, leather sandals, and canvas shoes 
  1. A light scarf for evenings on the terrace
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