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Lille Braderie is the biggest Flea antique market in Europe

We just experienced 2 days of the biggest flea market in France.

La braderie de Lille takes place every beginning of September in the northern town of Lille, with 100 km of vintage, antique and flea market everything!

The entire town welcomes professionals from all over the country and some European resellers. Not to mention regular folks getting rid of things they have in their houses and apartments, setting up just out front in the curb.

It’s busy, noisy, and “Bon vivant”; lots of music at every corner and lots of restaurants serving the local Moulles Frites. It’s great fun for two days and goes way into the night. 

We used the time to stay with family and link up with friends.

Also the Braderie of Hem on Saturday morning, Lille on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 


We had lunch at

L’Assiette du Marché (Website) with family  

Address: 61 Rue de la Monnaie, 59800 Lille – think of making a reservation for outdoor seating!

Dinner at Le Boucan with friends 

Address: 11 Pl. Jacquard, 59000 Lille

Sweet cakes at Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Address: Pl. des Buisses, 59800 Lille


Pizza and panini lunch at La Pazienza 

Address: 16 Pl. Simon Vollant, 59800 Lille

We bought plates from the 1950s made in Monaco, colorful knives, a beautiful table cloth, an apérol Spritz pink platter, some vinyl, books, vintage jewelry a perfect pinup-inspired dress, a silver pocket knife, little coffeemakers and an enchanting poster of a deer. 


To get to Lille – take the train at Gare du Nord station. It’s one hour.  Book on the SNCF website (choose the English option)

Get out at Lille Flandre or Lille Europe and right in the city center.

Once you are in Lille it’s super easy to move around on foot! or take their metro.

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