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November Paris Things to Do

The Paris things to do in Paris article is now ready for you to enjoy. You may now begin planning your time in one of the most incredible cities in the world during the most celebratory  time of the year. November  gives us the Fall foliage , brisker weather, cafe culture, and the beginning of the holiday season. . 

To see all the best places to eat, drink and stay in Paris, continue reading if you don’t want to miss all the new exciting events happening throughout the city this month. 

The weather in Paris during November can be quite unpredictable. The  weather is nice for  having a long stroll through one of the many Jardins throughout the city or having a warm drink on one of  the many terraces throughout the city. Airfare has reached its first peaks of the fall season, since now we are at  the height of the holiday season in Paris. It’s truly a spectacular time to visit and immerse yourself in the beauty of Paris during your holiday getaway. But don’t forget to plan a personalized tour with me where you can customize it to your interest and curiosity of Parisian culture, fashion, food and so much more. 

So what are you waiting for? Start the festive season with a trip to Paris, France, and trust me you will thank me later, On y va! 


November being such a festive month with a new wave of travelers coming to experience this spectacular city for the autumn season, here are our top 5 hotels for the month of November!

1.) Grand Pigalle Hotel: If you are a lover of Paris from the past and now. If you want to wonder about the streets that the artists, night owls, and poets walked, look no further than “Grand Pigalle Hotel”. You will learn the streets of the 9th arrondissement by heart.

2.) Adèle & Jules: If you are looking for a hotel that will be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the Parisian streets this is the accommodation for you! Located in two twin low rising buildings on a lovely private street it conveys peace and relaxation.

3.) Hotel Particulier:  An authentic Family home nestled in a beautiful private garden. Hotel Particulier is a living piece of Quartier Montmartre and its traditions. If you are someone who likes the balance of city life and suburbia  this is the perfect hotel, since it is considered a piece of the countryside in Paris!

4.) Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal: This is the perfect stay for someone who wants to have everything Paris has to offer right outside their hotel. It is just a short distance away from the Palais Royal’s romantic gardens, the stunning Tuileries gardens, and the iconic Louvre. It’s pure bliss in a bustling city like Paris.

5.) Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg: If you are looking to experience French luxury, the world of fashion in the heart of Paris Sofitel will be your ideal stay in Paris. Located between the elegant streets of rue faubourg saint-honoré and avenue des champs elysées the possibilities are endless.  


Here are our top 5 restaurants for November: 

1.) Bistrot Paul Bert: A rough around the edges old school Parisian bistro with  a chalk board menu, uniformed servers, and an old fashioned reservation book. This restaurant screams traditional Paris. You will dine on the seasonal plump white asparagus to begin, the Coté du Boeuf paired with their irresistible french fries, and finish your meal with their signature Praline Buttercream filled Paris Brest pastry. You will definitely leave with a food coma in the best way possible.

2.) Bouche: If you want to immerse yourself in the fashion/ trendy crowd of Paris this is the place to be seen! This natural wine bar with small plates that complement the season and change every two weeks, you will always have a new culinary experience each time you dine. Since the menus change daily it’s hard to say exactly what to try on the menu. My best advice is to be adventurous and try all the unique dishes they have to offer.

3.) Pierre Sang: If you want that local parisian vibe then you must sit at the chef’s counter. Here you will experience the chef’s preparing dishes for the surprise tasting menu. The collaboration of the Korean and Parisian cuisine is fluid and organic. You will have the opportunity to dine on dishes like sauté pork with white beans in a tomato sauce topped with anchovies and radishes. You will not only dine with your taste buds but with your eyes, because each plate is always fresh and artfully plated. 

4.) Le Baratin: If you are in search of a simple yet authentic dining experience visited by pioneers such as Anthony Bourdain & Pierre Hermé this is the spot for you! Dine on beef that melts in your mouth, or what they call “Joue de boeuf” and indulge in a french childhood classic gateau des fraises. You will leave full of happiness and joy. 

5.) Breizh Cafe: If you are looking for some of the best Breton galettes and sweet crepes in Paris look no further than Breizh cafe. You will find all the classic combinations as well as discover intricate flavors like “smoked herring with saint malo potatoes” or “poached peaches with raspberries sauce and vanilla ice cream.  

Activities for Autumn in Paris

Here are our top 5 Activities for Autumn in Paris

1.) Canal Saint Martin: An area of Paris that has fully flourished over the last decade. It’s a place where the young Parisians flock to for their lunch breaks, happy hours after work, or simply just a trendy spot to converse about life and enjoy one’s company. This is the perfect way to take a pause during your day of exploring Paris or cap your night with quality time and a fantastic bottle of wine.

2.) Perè Lachaise: known as “the grande dames of Paris cemeteries” is a wonderful Autumn activity. When you begin walking through the most iconic resting place for many affluent people in Parisian history, you will recognize names such as Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. Perè Lachaise is a cemetery from the 1800’s and it will truly take you back in time to what “Old Paris” once was.

3.) Catacombs: A place that highlights the dark side of Paris’ past. In the 1780’s Paris was growing at such a rapid rate that all the cemeteries ran out of space. Therefore, the city began digging up bodies (around 6 million) and moved them underground. People from all over the world now come to Paris and visit this once 175 mile former mining tunnel filled with parisian skeletons of the past. 

4.) Indulge in a Chocolat Chaud: If there is one thing about Paris it is known to have the best Hot chocolate around aka “Chocolat Chaud”. There are so many places to indulge in this parisian delicacy and tradition. Below I have listed some of my favorites based on everyone’s different preferences. Trust me, none of these places will disappoint!

Angelina’s: One of the first places to receive recognition for the best Hot Chocolate in Paris was Angelina’s. If you are looking for a rich, creamy, and dark chocolate blend then look no further this is your spot.

Jacobine:  This is a hidden gem that most people are not aware of and has some of the best Hot Chocolate on Rive Gauche. Jacobine is similar to Angelina, in that it uses a dark chocolate blend with african aromas. It is not too thick or sweet, it’s the perfect balance. 

Carrette:  Tik Tok and Instagram famous, Carette by far is probably the most popular “Chocolat Chaud” in Paris right now. Carette is your traditional Parisian hot chocolate. It is sweet, smooth, and irresistibly good. This is the perfect hot chocolate for the entire family to enjoy.

5.) Experience Mulled Wine: This is a parisian staple in the Autumn and Winter. There are many bistros, cafes, and markets that will serve Mulled Wine. I believe the best is found at Le Refuge Montmartre.  The mulled wine at Le Refuge Montmartre is heavy on the cinnamon, not too sweet, and always comes with a side of popcorn. This is the place to be for your Autumn Apero with friends.

Where to Holiday Shop in Paris

Here are our top 3 Department Stores  to Holiday shop in Paris

1.) Le Bon Marché: Located in the famous Quartier Saint Germain des prés, Le Bon Marchéis by far is one of the most iconic department stores in all of Paris. It is Particularly noted by Parisians and tourists from around the world as the “Luxury Icon”. You will find brands like Celine,  Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. Their attention to detail and their  curation of merchandise is superior to other department stores. Le Bon Marché is the perfect place to source “quality over quantity” , which is the French philosophy of life.

2.) Samaritane: This department store was originally founded in 1870 by Ernest and Marie-Louie Cognacy-jay. This was more than a department store, this became a destination that Parisians would flock to. It is situated right on the rue de Rivoli, one of the most iconic streets of Paris. This department store is the perfect place to shop for everyone on your Holiday shopping list. You will find everything from beauty, culinary delicacies, designer brands, art supplies, and so much more. 

3.) Printemps: This is a fun department store to visit in Paris. With its unique architecture that includes 10 beautiful domes and its wide variety of brands offered, you can spend your whole day in Printemps. You can shop for some holiday decor, gifts for your friends and family, and then indulge in an espresso and some macarons from Laduree located on the ground floor. You will be able to immerse yourself in the world of everything beauty, home decor, and fashion.  

November Weather in Paris

The days are growing shorter and the warm weather has come to a close. The month of November  in Paris is when the weather is brisk, fresh, and we are in the midst of sweater weather. 

The temperatures in Paris during November truly will vary year to year. We are in the middle of the Autumn season at this point.  It can get as high as 70 degrees F (22 C) and as low as 40-degrees F (5C).

I would say that November is one of the best months to visit Paris if you want to have a little taste of all the seasons. You can experience everything from a 70 degree weather day, to a rain shower mimicking spring time, the autumn foliage at its peak, and the first fallen snow. 

Let’s just say November in Paris can be a very unpredictable month weather wise. 

What to pack in November for Paris 

Think comfortable weather in the day, and cooler weather in the mornings and evenings!    

Comfortable walking shoes

Boots (for the rain or snow)

Cardigan for layering

Trench coat, this is a french staple

Scarf both for outerwear and for a fashion statement.

A long sleeved sweater dress (perfect for day to night)


Corduroy pants for warmth 

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