Paris foodie bag


Re-Usable Tote Bag includes:

*Fresh “Tradition” Baguette

*Seasonal Wine (choice of red, white or rose)

*Accompanying Cheese (cow & goat)

*Poster map of the coolest spots in Paris (our 2020 curated list)

*Paris Post Card or Vintage French Coasters

*A pack of French Jams

*Glasses, Napkins, Utensils etc

*French Beauty brand product


We are proud to offer you the best products for our 3rd consecutive year!

We’ve added a beauty product that changes each month – you’ll be updated in your confirmation email 


When coming to France we know that you want to enjoy the best of French food without wasting time, running around from shop to shop, or guessing what’s fit to eat and what wine pairs well with what cheese.  

So we did it all for you, carefully curated a culinary experience for the tastebuds. 


We deliver to any Airbnb or hotel. 

We welcome you at a set location upon your arrival to Paris, so you can enjoy right away a relaxing night as you unpack or day you can take the bag out to picnic.

Perfect if you’re looking for a convenient and authentic taste of Paris.

A Great Gift idea for anyone new to Paris!

All in a reusable “trendy” canvas bag.


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