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All tours are semi-customizable, fun, informational, and 3 hours long.

(Yes, I know it sounds long, but trust me at the end we typically wish we had more time together)

You will receive an email from me with more information about your booking.

HOW TO BOOK & BEST TIME? – Take a look at my calendar at the end of this page – As I need some time to know your needs, and update my schedule I do not take same-day bookings. The exact time can be discussed via email. As well as other details.

GROUPS BOOKINGS? – I really love and prefer the intimacy of working with you one on one. My tours are non-traditional and take a more friendly form than larger group tours. However, if you are a group that already knows each other I can propose custom a tour for you – sans probleme! Couples and families welcome!

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The 2 most popular tours are of the Marais (where I lived for 6 years when I first moved to Paris) and Montmartre (where I live now for 7 years)

Marais Tour

The center of it all, but if you don’t know where to go or what you’re looking at it can all be so overwhelming. We discover this trendy part of Paris that is the headquarters of entertainment, gastronomy, LGBTQ life, and fashion.

Montmartre Tour

When you picture Paris you probably picture Montmartre. But what stories lie behind the village on the hill that has inspired so many Hollywood film sets?

Paris Foodie Tour

A fun guide into the yummy cultural aspects of some of the French most beloved pastries, cheese, baguettes etc.

Paris Coffee + Wine Tour

Try some of the best artisanal local coffee shops and wine spots in Paris with someone who has been writing about (and enjoying!) both for over 10 years.

Paris Boheme Movie Tour

Paris through the lens and understanding of La vie Boheme as seen in the movies Moulin Rouge and Amelie.

I can also book your evening at La Moulin Rouge with a car pick-up, champagne tour, and dinner/cocktail reservations.

Paris Custom Shopping Tour

what can I say I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about decor, design, and fashuuuuun, and love menswear as much as I do womenswear. So I consider myself a walking dictionary of style. Ha! Everything from luxury boutiques, High Street, Vintage, and Flea Market finds. From the classic to the atypical. We can define your personal style together, shop, and enjoy a day with a fun lunch!

My past time while traveling around France with my family includes discovering small French towns and their wines, boutique design hotels, trendy Restaurants, Flea Markets, places off the beaten track, and Estate sales.


I love food, wine, fashion art, history, and life in general! I love living in Paris for the past 15 years.

I am a wedding and picnic planner, travel writer, and educator. You can find me also at @elopeinparis for weddings, @parisfoodiebag for fancy picnics, and wine bags.

Think of our time together as if a friend who knows what you like is showing you around, With my love of history and knowledge of people, and all the notable places/corners of Paris we mix a lot of history, culture, trends, art, food, fashion etc

You get the lay of the land from a local

You get an activity that’s fun and customized to your passions/interests

You get one on one attention = no group tours with people you don’t know


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Montmartre Walking Tour

J. Childers on Jul 21, 2021

Our small family had the most amazing time with Yanique. Her tour included interesting sights large, small and everything in between. Yanique explained the Montmartre neighborhood with engaging stories and answered all of our questions. It truly felt like we were walking the streets of Paris with a friend.
Merci Beaucoup Yanique!
The Childers Family

Must Do!

Jason Williams on Jul 01, 2021

After many years of dreaming, my wife and I were able to make our first trip to a Paris. As we’d only be there a short time, we don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out what to do, where to go, when to go, etc. we found my Parisian life and booked a trip with Yanique. Little did I know how smart of a decision that was. Yanique added an amazing amount of joy to the trip in addition to her knowledge of the city. Her energy was contagious as she took us around Le Marais ducking in and out of small cafés, bookshops, the outside of Notre-Dame, and other places we’d never know were there. I always say listen to the locals and Yanique lives up to that. While we didn’t know it would be our last trip anywhere in a year and a half and what the world had in store for us pre-pandemic, it was all the more memorable. It won’t be our last trip to The City of Lights and another booking with MyParisianLife will be first on the list when we return.


should you require a more complete travel planning experience, I have organized

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