Enjoy Paris like a local

On your next trip to Paris, get all the essentials in one bag.

Hand delivered to your Hotel or Apartment here in Paris.

Our "Welcome to Paris" Foodie bag is full of the best hand selected French favorites, chosen with Someliers, Fromageries and food lovers.

Includes a cool french souvenir and a surprise each month.

You order online and we hand deliver to you when you arrive in Paris.

69 euros

Perfect for a first time visit to Paris - save time and enjoy as a Picnic bag.

  1. Fresh "tradition" baguette
  2. Seasonal Wine - choose between, Red, White or Rose
  3. Accompany cheese
  4. Pack of French Jams
  5. Poster Map of Paris Coolest 2020 Spots
  6. Post Card of Paris
  7. Eco-friendly tote bag

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