The European Museum of Photography in Paris

La Maison Europene de la photographie aka The European Museum of Photography in the Marais, has been welcoming professional and novice photographers alike since its inception. it is a great place that showcases some of the best photographers worldwide as well as works of up and coming photographers.

Located in the Marais. This would make for a great stop for a day trip in the area (including a stop at L?As du Falefel – Address : 34, Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris). It is easy to take the kids along as there are elevators located in the building for parents traveling with a stroller.

Presently Showing:

Gerard Ufreras. “Etats de grace”
April 15 – June 14 2009

Displays behind the scene looks of various fashion shows of once emerging and even well established designers. And another takes a look at his work with Opera houses all over Europe.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
“A vue d’oeil”
April 15 – August 30 2009
His photographs are simplistic yet magical they seem to capture the essence of what makes humankind so good; love. From children sitting on a step over looking Montmartre taken in the 1954 to a man and woman kissing at Gare du Nord. Nothing special, just the ordinary things that we sometimes forget to see and appreciate about ourselves.

Laurent Van der Stock
“Our Fellow Man”
April 15 – June 14 2009
Even though he doesn?t refer to himself as a war photographer, Van der Stock has spent many years capturing the gruesome and the banal sides of various wars from Bosnia to Iraq. This exhibition covers three different wars. A member of the Gamma Agency.

Riccardo Zipoli
“Venise aux fenetres”
April 15 – June 14 2009

The city of Venice Italy as photographed and chronicled By Zipoli focuses on selected windows from the city.

Francois Fontaine
15 April – June 14 2009

Two series of photographs from ‘Christ?s in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2004’ to ‘Dreams of Statues 2006 – 2007’. Images depict the crucifixion in all its gruesome glory.

More info:

Maison Europ?enne de la Photographie – European Museum of Photography

5/7 rue de Fourcy
75004 Paris
Fax: +331.
Lectures and guided visits are available

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