Les Soldes Paris (Paris Sales Summer 2010)

The Paris summer sales starts tomorrow, are you ready? Not to worry they go from Wednesday June 30th and end Tuesday, August 3rd. Many places opening as early as 8am and close as late as 10pm. Uncommon to Paris – many stores will also be open on the Sundays during the sale period.

celebrity woman with many shopping bags

Go the day before and you can get an idea of what will be on sale the next day as most vendors start to make there mark downs, and you can try stuff on the day before that way you don’t waste time in lines in the changing room.

Go early the day of the sale if you to be sure to find your size.

Wait until the 2nd or even 3rd week if there is a lot of the particular item you desire, since every week the discounts usually drop 30% , 50%, 70% etc every consecutive wednesday.

Don’t buy something you wouldn’t actually pay full price for, logic being if you want to avoid buyers remorse and squandering money, just don’t get it “because it’s cheap and it’s on sale”.

Location, location, location…seriously any smart bargain shopper will tell you to go to an area with many stores that way you can cover in as little time as possible a large surface area.

For hard to find sizes avoid the huge shopping malls and try smaller, more discrete locations of the same store. Chances are because they are “out-of-the way” they’ll have more back stock of whatever it is you’re looking for.

Shopping with kids? If you don’t have the option of leaving the tots at home, try to avoid peak hours when the stores will be extremely crowded and pushing around a stroller will make you feel more frustrated than excited about the bargains. Personally I find that the morning, of the second day is less crowded and you can still find really good stuff. Or take them out during their nap time!

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