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Volvo S60 Party Paris

Here are some photos from the Volvo Subject60 Paris Party, held at la Halle Freyssinet. Volvo is doing massive european tour in cities such as Madrid, London, Paris, Milan and Berlin with swedish singer Lykke Li and photographer Face Hunter.

You know what they say, if the young people won’t go to the car, then darn it take the car to the young people! – ok , so no one really said that, that was made up by me, but Volvo does not deny that it’s new marketing direction with the Volvo S60 is to reach a more youthful audience.

See: “With the Subject 60 Tour, we want to reposition the brand and reveal the hidden face of Volvo, its playfulness and unconventional side which we call “naughty”. We want to target a wider audience, composed of young urban creatives. With this tour we will meet them in their environment in accordance with their interests,” said Lukas Dohle, Head of Communication of the “Live” and Social Media department at Volvo Car Corporation. “We hope to attract prescribers of trends and they convey our message: Volvo has changed!”

I for one am loving the new look and the car is packed with many cool features for the XY generation. Go on volvo with your bad self….ahm, ehm, when’s the next party?

face hunter volvo s60 paris

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