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Kooka Boora: a good cup of joe in Paris

There are many cool coffee shops in Paris now that have borrowed from the American ( in this case Australian) style coffee shops, where you go for great coffee in all it’s forms – with accompaniment of cakes, cookies, sandwiches, tarts etc whether it be morning or afternoon.

At Koora Boora you won’t be rushed to leave for the lunch or dinner crowd like in a typical Parisian Cafe – here you come to enjoy the cafe, yes , but you also come to lounge a bit, look out the window at the Parisian families across the street taking their children to the carousel (merry go round), people watch the young couples riding by on their scooters, grandmas doing their shopping and possibly work a bit from your laptop.

Photo of exterior of Paris coffee shop Kooka Boora in the 9th Arr.

Photo of exterior of Paris coffee shop Kooka Boora in the 9th Arr.


It’s a small space (bigger than Black Market, but smaller than Cafe Lomi). The terrace wraps around both sides of the cafe with their blue metal chairs and tables.

This was not my first time at Kooka Boora, but it was my first time there alone. I noticed for the first time – judging by the guy to my left reading a novel in English, and the family of mom and 2 teenage daughters to my right that this was the kind of place where foreigners or visitors took refuge from time to time.

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The table behind me in the middle had 4 college age girls talking and laughing so loud it made me think of an episode of sex and the city where the ladies would have one of their regular brunch slash recap of the night before type meetings.

Kooka boora paris carrot cake

As I sipped on my cappuccino and ate a slice of their carrot cake ( I can never resist a carrot cake!) I felt that this was the perfect time to finish that short story “taste” I’m reading from Roland Dahl – I won’t be stressed that I have to leave mid paragraph.

You’ll like Kooka Boora if you like a good cup of Joe, regularly work from cafes ( free Wi-fi available ), and enjoy being in the company of a mixed crowd and a friendly staff.

PS: English spoken here.

53 ave Trudaine
75009 Paris
Quartiers: Pigalle, 9?me
01 56 92 12 41

Pigalle ( Lines 2 or 12)
Anvers ( line 2)
Saint George ( line 12)

8am – 6pm

Map it:

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