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Where to find: English speaking gynecologist Paris

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If you’re woman in Paris trying to find a good english speaking gynecologist it’s like trying to find a bargain on the 4th week of the soldes here! C’est possible but rare!

My normal doctor is Helene Malbete- she doesn’t speak english, is super disorganized, but somehow super efficient though all the years of clutter that piles up on her desk. And I love the grand piano in the waiting area ( not that this was a factor for staying with her – but it just seems like any woman who cares enough to have a piano in her office for other people to freely use – has an appreciation of music and sharing. She’s been with me – and now that I’ve done a bit of research – most of the women from the 2nd arrondissement though the grapevine too. She’s one of the few good ones – she’s not all nicey nicey and sweet talking. She’s French for christ sake and to the point.

But after years of living here and realizing that its near next to impossible to expect the level of customer service you get with medical care in the US, she’s been henceforth filled under the “nice enough” category because despite the disorder and the fact that she majorly tardy (expect to wait an hour – so I always go late!) she cares about women bodies enough to never rush through a meeting, never give off a cold shoulder and sends snail mail reminding me to get my Vitamin D supplements 🙂 …bref!
The one thing I’ve always hated over the years is that it literally takes a month or two to get an appointment! Like seriously WTF.

So after getting many requests for suggestions of an english speaking gynos – I was surprised that from my google search there were so many BAD reviews of gynos in Paris! I mean even sometimes the husbands would write about how badly their wives were treated. Like most of the reviews say – I’ve experienced this before I had Malbete – was that most of the doctors are so damn cold they do not fall into the “nice enough” category, they fall into the “for the money” category, and if you say anything they simply do not care to change. So the “nice enough” ones get booked out for months!

I’ve found one for you all and she is definetly “nice enough” and speaks english (enough – you just have to say that you’re not French), clutter free and attentive.


  • Dr. Moyse Lakshmi
  • Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  • Address:?35 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris
  • Phone:01 42 46 03 03


Bookmark her as she’s also a nutritionist doctor.

The american hospital in paris also has a selection of gynecologist here
Ladies if you have any tips please share them in the comments section below…


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