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Paris Marathon: Tips and things to do in April

April in Paris is also synonymous with The Paris Marathon; one of the worlds top Marathon in the most beautiful city. The Sneider Electric Marathon in Paris this year it will take place on April 14, 2019

A Sunday so you have lots of time to come before and discover the city or stay the week after!

Photo of Paris Marathon


Speaking with a few of my friends here running the marathon, it’s a major event that is loved by locals and people travel internationally. Unlike the London Marathon, that’s a bit more complicated to enter, here you can buy your tickets for around 100 euros.

I’ve also managed to get a lot of DMs on Instagram from you about what else is there to do in Paris while here.

I’ve even had a tour with a family that is here to run the marathon and also visit other cities in Europe (I have some travel from Paris tips here)

So we decided to put together a Paris Marathon List: for all the things you could do with about a week in Paris (not just run!)

  1. Live like a local – one of the many Parisian sports here is to people watch “en terrace” while having a coffee. This you could try at traditional (but super expensive places ) like Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots, or you can hop into one of my favorite 3rd wave coffee spots like Matamata, Aloha Cafe or Partisan for really great artisanal coffee where people speak English and it’s family friendly.
  2. Bistro experience – you can’t deny that one of the best things about the French culture is the food! and I have a few spots that are typically French and decent priced like the new Bouillon Pigalle, the old Brasserie Julien, both of which have meals around 10 euros. Practically a steal for the quality, ambiance, and decor! If you want to try a Michelin starred restaurant then you have to go to Frenchie and Abri.
  3. Sporty shop at Citadium, Shinzo or Starcow of the best in sportswear and sneakers, while at Nous (previously Colette) you can get a full grip on the best aesthetic pieces of everything
  4. Tours of all kinds are in no shortage in Paris, but there is a running tour, Women in Paris tour, Little Africa Tour,one on one tours with Yanique
  5. Take a day trip to any one of these cool locations
  6. Follow the official Paris Marathon Instagram for updates
  7. Take a weekend trip from Paris to any one of these cool European cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona… HERE
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