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Dinner in Pigalle: Peco Peco Japanese

We recently had a girls night out in the trendy paris hood of So-Pi (South Pigalle) in the 9th arrondissement. It’s certainly not hard to find a place to eat on Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris ?but a place that is not only cool but honestly “good” is hard. With all its nightlife spots and new restaurants the area never sleeps, and so many places get away with murder for their offerings and prices.

I was especially exited to be trying some new food from Peco Peco a Japanese tapas restaurant that I’ve heard so much about; fresh seasonal small plates. ?So here’s my (brief) food review.


As we entered we were greeted with a warm energy from Benjamin and when seated the menu was explained in detail about the small plates, sharing options and nighttime specials. They also have an impressive organic wine selection (confirmed by my chef pal who was with us this night).

The space is definitely small, but cosy enough for a romantic dinner or a group dinner. You can have a drink at the bar if there is a bit of a wait for seating.

You also have a view of the kitchen from any angle in the restaurant. Transparency is always a good thing right? I mean it’s certainly good to know that you’re getting real Japanese food, If you’ve been living or visited paris often – you may have noticed that for the most part even the sushi restaurants rarely have Japanese chefs (except for a few authentic ones around Rue Saint Anne).

We shared a table in tight quarters with a group of some french folks and I got to chatting to my neighbor about his food. In between bites and sips of his organic wine he’d tell me how good everything was before we even took a round call ( you’re given a sheet of paper to make your order from the list) and started our order for our table.

peco peco Japanese paris

Finally we ordered around 3 plates each and shared – then re-ordered the fried chicken, pumpkin and shrimp. It’s such a communal vibe sharing and eating off each other plate as we giggle and get tipsy on our wine. Overall a night well spent with great food and great company.

At lunch time they serve Donburi ( average 8.50 Euros) , mostly a large rice bowl dish with meat, vegetable and other ingredients.

and Kushiage ( average 3.50 Euros) for dinner; skewered of grilled or deep-fried meat, and vegetables -?also known as Kushikatsu.

More info

A typical menu for the week looks like this, and can be found on their Facebook page.?

TORI DON : chicken, orange, lemon and coriander.
EBI DON : shrimp, eggs, mushrooms and chili sauce.
VEGI DON : vegetable curry, parsnips and carrots.

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