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Coffee in Paris: 5 New shops shake up the coffee scene!

Will there be a burst in the Paris coffee bubble? I hope not! Recently there seems to be a coffee shop craze in Paris, far from the meager beginnings that I reported over 4 years ago.

As a lover from the days with Telescope in the south ?and Blackmarket in the north, Paris has moved on up cherie! With even an annual French Aeropress championship

I’m happy to see a new one pop up here and there. So in keeping in line with all?that’s fit to eat, drink and wander and coffee shop hopping is one of our favorite pass time.


So here are some new kids on the block, proving that despite what others may think, Paris really loves coffee.


  1. Spoune
Address: 36 Rue Saint-S?bastien, 75011 Paris
Metro: Line 8 Faidherbe ? Chaligny

For the book lovers lots of space at the back in the second room that’s one part shared library and one part art gallery.



Address: 13 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris
Metro: Line 9 Voltaire

For the music lovers, there is a serious vinyl collection out front by the window and you can make a suggestion as ti which one you’d like to listen to.


3.?Hardware Society

Address: 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris
Metro: Line 4?Ch?teau Rouge

For the foodie with a love of aesthetics the mix of colorful yet inviting decor makes for a calm pla????????ce to grub hub and drink really good coffee too.



Address: 26B Rue de l’Ourcq, 75019 Paris
Metro: Line 7 Crimee

For the Workaholic health junkie that you are! Their mezzanine section is the perfect place to retreat with a computer for a few hours. Just don’t be a prude about it, make sure to consume enough to support your local coffee dealer.



Address: 12 Rue Jean Mac?, 75011 Paris
Metro: Line 9 Charonne?

The most Kawaii with bento and gluten free pastries. Not really a full blown coffee shop – you can only get a filtered?here, but?you’ll be in happy with the free wifi and cosy space to read a book or work for a bit.


6.?Jour de Velo

Address: 41 Rue de C?teaux, 75012 Paris

Metro: Line 8?Faidherbe ? Chaligny

Phone:09 54 31 29 44

For the pedal pusher. This bike and repair shop has it all with a focus on community and with decent coffee what could be better?


Yes, I’m a rebel I said 5 but made a list of 6 🙂

Be sure to check out their Facebook pages to see opening hours (and daily menus for some).

All photos taken with my Asus ZenFone.

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