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Paris in November has lots of things going on by way of food, music and cultural events in the french capital so lets get into it shall we!


Oh wait before we do the usual line up. I want to take a quick moment to say that much has been said and is going on around the refugee crisis (I’ve written many articles in “draft” that I’ve yet had the courage to finish much less publish hear for fear that it may be too “heavy”), but on Saturday at 10am, a few friends and myself are handing out hot tea, coffee and breakfast to refugees at Stalingrad, if you’d like to join us – just email me at myparisianlife (at)


All of this given that they are there again- as they have been displaced again (by buses yesterday and the last few days as the camps get bigger and bigger in my neighborhood north of Paris along the canal) Read more here


Also we’ll be at Cueillette Coftea shop FRIDAY NOV 4th at 4pm, talking about “Life in Paris” – come with any questions you may have about moving here and join us for a fun afternoon of other conversations too around local Paris experience.




I’ve discovered?this cool place that has great food at reasonable prices called Albion – and open on a Monday (so rare here in Paris!).


Address: 80 Rue du Faubourg Poissonni?re, 75010 Paris
Open Weekdays?? 12?2PM, 7?10PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday



Copper Bay Paris has a great atmosphere with great cocktails and the people are nice. You’ll feel good here, trust me. Also the Bloody Mary is made with Tequila a weird mix that actually works well!!

Address: 5 Rue Bouchardon, 75010 Paris
Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday ?6pm to 2am
Closed Sunday and Monday



via Facebook?

OFF Paris Seine – the first floating hotel bar in Paris on the Seine River. 57 comfy rooms in the 13th arrondissement close to?Quai d?Austerliz was opened in summer of 2016.

Address: 20-22 Port d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris





La Chouette Coffee Shop and Bike Shop is on this part of town you ‘ll wander around and find really good places to chill, eat or shop. I’ve been missing out on this cool spot that manages to mix two of my loves – bicycles (you can repair and buy) and really good coffee! …

Address: 20 Rue du Ch?teau d’Eau, 75010 Paris
Open Weekdays?9AM?7PM
Closed Sunday and Monday




La Reguliere Coffee ad Book shop – via Yanique Francis

rue Myrha, 75018

The new new is La Goutte D’Or neighborhood – you know that area in Paris you often here “don’t go there” or “thats the bad part of Paris”. There’s so much misconception about this little qaurtier that’s a melting pot. Especially Rue Myrha now has some of my favorite places like African food at Koyaka Kitchen, La Reguliere coffee shop and library, the home decor shop Cocoboheme, the young parisian fashion label Maison Chateau Rouge and Sawa Shoes, not to mention Tembelly Bakery…full review coming soon!





1/?Paris Cocktail Festival – a celebrations in over 30 locations in Paris for night life and cocktail lovers.


2/ EXHIBITIONS – check out a selection of expos in Paris this November via Artnet including the annual international art fair Paris Photo on November 10 to 13.?


3/ Relax with Chez Cameil – if you’re into wellness and ?living in Paris Cameil offers a nice workshop on wellness speicalifaly nighttime meditation routines on November 13th – see more on the Facebook page here?


4/ US ELECTIONS – La Nuit Americaine ?- the 8th of November in partnership with the American embassy in paris and the city hall of the 3rd arrondissement. There will be american comfort food provided by Bobs Bake Shop and Juice Bar.

All night long see more on their Facebook page?

Full program here


5/ Book readings at SHAKEPEARE & CO bookshop?

for example An Evening with Edwin Frank, editor of New York Review Books, and Daniel Medin, professor at the American University in Paris . See the full program here?


6/?Le Mois Particulair – ?the hotel has a cocktail and taps bar with an interesting?line up for the winter months – October to December ?- Photo exhibitions, DJ Sets, DIYs etc…



7/ Remember to enter our Independent film, ?Movie GIVEAWAY – for a chance to see the slapstick comedy in one of Montmartre iconic cinemas.








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